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2013 Hype List: Epicus Icongnitus (EIN)

By: Chiisuke posted at Nov 26, 2012 2:31 am

Epicus Incognitus

Official Site
Developer: INUCA Interactive
Publisher: Neowiz Games

Genre: Fantasy MMORPG

When Neowiz Games released the first trailer of Epicus Incognitus (EIN) last year at the G-Star 2011 event, the audience was left with nothing short of dying intrigue like seeing an action movie cliffhanger projected on the big screen.

2011 and 2012 Trailer:

A year has now passed, and by the time G-Star 2012 came around, EIN details (or the lack of it for some) were finally given out, although we can only expect the developers to be share them only up to a certain limited extent.

Teaser information has already spread here and there for a while now, which doesn't leave much to the imagination anymore. We all just have to bear with the wait unless we have time travel on our side so we can fast-forward to 2013. For the meantime, here are some tidbits caught floating around the net;

Features- A lively world filled with charming characterContinue Reading
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