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Why I am excited for Star Citizen

By: Nanbo posted at Oct 15, 2013 2:10 am
"Hey kid, nice to meet ya. My name is Paladin"...Sound familiar? If you played Wing Commander back on the 1994 PC release it should. That is where I got hooked to the game Star Citizen that is currently being developed. Back in those days you started out on a star fighter as a "rookie" pilot. You hit up the bar, chat to other pilots, test out the fighter simulator, strike up a romance(?), and spend time floating on the Tigers Claw. A deep space Strike Carrier. Why so precise with the details? Because that is what made up this 90's game. Precision to detail on ship size, speed, fire, shield placement, etc.. The carrier is a thing to note too because you will have to land back on it manually. Also, if you are doing a mission and suddenly a carrier zooms in, you will need to know your liContinue Reading
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