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Nanbo's Sexy Scarlet Blade Review Levels 1-10

By: Nanbo posted at Mar 10, 2015 4:29 am

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my Scarlet Blade review ! Scarlet Blade is published by Aeria games and comes at you straight from Korea (known as Queens Blade). This is a high sci-fi mmorpg known for it’s all female cast, with the exception of one male. That said, it is no mystery what the game is going to be aesthetically pleasing to the fans of the female form. But does this game offer more than sexy ladies in bikini armor? Read on to find out!

Introduction and installation:

I have to say, I avoided this game because I believed this to be a cheap mmorpg just trying to get perverts to fork over some cash to dress up naked ladies. But, something happened. 1) The lack of actually good F2P mmorpg’s as I wait for new titles to trickle out of Korea… And
2) The websites that are known

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Guest said:this is so old it wasnt even worth reading the whole review

More than just chests - Scarlet Blade Review by April Reyes

By: April Reyes posted at Jul 18, 2014 7:45 am

Hello there, fellows!

April here, player, programmer, environtmental activist. Today is my first review, and in this particular review we're going to take a look at:

Woah, woah woah!

That's crossing a few lines, isn't it? Well hold onto your butts because this game is littered with this! But is there more to it?


"A shameful and degrading experience." ~MMORPG.com

“...The most shameless F2P game yet. I mean that with every, possible connotation.” ~Conrad Zimmerman

Oh, come on guys it surely is not THAT bad, right? After all, it was targeted for the adult male audience, what did you even expect? Being myself as a girl I was really intrigued if there is something more to that, and guess what, there is. Of course, if you're one of those "gamers" who are to auto-route everywhe

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Scarlet Blade's First Content Update

By: CassieChu posted at May 25, 2013 9:11 am
Wow it's happened! Scarlet Blade has gotten it's very first content update finally! Caergate has always been fun(2 bosses, 8 subbosses, solo escorts, faction escorts, base raids), but I've been waiting patiently for the next disputed area since closed beta and i've been at level capped for at least 3 months! But now i'm glad i had all that time to perfect my equipment because the next neutral territory is ridiculously dangerous pvp-wise!!

I'm talking about Viledon, and specifically, the convoy escort! It works the same as Caergate's escort where you and your faction must protect the convoy on it's way to the dropoff point. But you'll notice this time, the convoys are a LOT more armored. That's because, unlike Caergate, the convoys aren't on opposite sides of the map(making you chContinue Reading
Guest said:die 2001 graphics & shitty gameplay dieeee

Scarlet Blade, better than expected

By: Chisane posted at May 20, 2013 3:03 am

Hi guys, ever since this game has been in service in korea i never had the courage to play it nor interest because the characters were a little too revealing, i thought the gameplay would be horrible until today i had a good excuse to try it because somebody downloaded it on my computer when i was away! Here are some screenshots! :D



I had a hard time deciding my character but i just went with medic and customized her as i want, isn't she beautiful?! :3


These are clothes you start out with and you start in some mechanical building.


I was shocked when i first saw my laser effects, i didn't expect it too look this good and the combat was rather entertaining!


one of my 2 skills (1st one is normal attack) it looks better than this but i failed at t

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CassieChu said:Me and my friends felt the same way. I started the game with the knowledge that it would be pvp-oriented but with all the ecchi i figured it wouldn\'t amount to much. And normally we would\'ve be righ...

Why i love my Whipper

By: CassieChu posted at May 16, 2013 12:17 am

I absolutely adore my Whipper. Ever since beta i knew i was going to be maining this class and i haven't regretted it even once. Sure everyone knows whipper is the queen of aoe but that's not all she is!

Multiple viable builds

As a whipper, i dislike fighting other whippers. We may all be AOE users but it that doesn't mean you'll know what to expect once you've been snagged with "Hook and Sinker". The first thing you need to do is look past the fact that nearly all our skills are area of effect. The more important thing you need to pay attention to is the way our skills are divided into skill trees. Chakra build whippers can choose to specialize in 3 different types of damage for their aoe! "Voltage" skills allow whippers to disable enemy skills in a very wide area. Whippers that choose to specialize in this tree will be able to extend the length of their skill disabling as well as the number of targets affected in their range along with the range itself. One of the VoltageContinue Reading
Sick said:I really don\'t get how can you play the game, it\'s soo generic and with a fanservice over 9000. Iplayed like 5 min. and I was uninstalling it. If you want that kind of fanservice go to see hentai, s...

Exploring Scarlet Blade's Enocia

By: CassieChu posted at Apr 29, 2013 8:28 pm

I don't get to play futuristic mmos very often so i tend to explore Scarlet Blade's environments more than is reasonably expected. Enocia is the first area your Arkana steps foot in. Just roaming around will tell the story of a once futuristic city now overtaken by nature. You can see the dilapidated skyscrapers leaning over and bursting with vegetation. Highways standing in ruins, ready to collapse at any moment. Humanity no longer has any pull here.

But Enocia's not all forests and plains. The bottom rung of humanity has left their mark in certain corners of Enocia. These areas are ugly  with their black trees and dark skys. Scrap metal everywhere. It's almost sad. Just pay attention, it's dangerous and it's easy to get lost in it.

The monsters you'll be fighting around here are pretty hideous though. Some of them are obviously mutated forms of animals but you've also got a mix of healthy human gangsters/drugdealers and the hostile drug addicted slaves

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Sicko89 said:Tried it , played 2 hours - Uninstalled.

Scarlet Blade - Bosoms, bosoms, and bosoms.

By: KradisZ posted at Apr 27, 2013 1:16 am

Hey all, so today I took a dive into AeriaGames' newer MMORPG Scarlet Blade. Scarlet Blade is a new MMORPG that features a lot of Bliss I could say. Beautiful ladies in short shorts, or no shorts even; blins(shiny material?).

I don't know what AeriaGames is doing but this is a confounding MMORPG.


The following content and pictures may be inappropriate to some people.


Scarlet Blade offers a... lot of round things.

Hah, like I mean laser bolts, shoulder pads, cannon blasts, round hipster glasses, bubbly characters, bubbly eyes and various other things.


Oh and lots of boobs. Literally, it was almost like pokemon, had to snapshot them all. I only took a snapshot everytime I saw a different NPC during quests, there's a lot more in town if you're curious bu

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xed02 said:You need to know, the game not have mage class, and no one are close to mage class, and if you read the comments when the game start the closed beta in korea, the game is in the line of Adult only fea...

Scarlet Blade: Battleground Turnpike

By: CassieChu posted at Apr 10, 2013 10:07 pm

It's time to mount up! This time the battleground is at turnpike and all the important places are pretty far off. Every second spent getting to the fray is a second you could have been gaining pvp points! Since this is an 80 vs 80 capacity map, this is a great battleground for increasing your pvp rank.

As usual, you want to get as many points as you can, but here in turnpike, there are a few more things to go for. Both factions have 3 Treasure Crates, guarded by npc guards each. Losing one of your faction's crate comes with a 20 point penalty while destroying an enemy treasure crate brings you 20 points. Thanks to their placement on the map, you'll be able to reach your crates before the enemy so you've always got a fair shot at defending it. But you have to be careful of when you decide to break crates. Even if you manage to break all the enemy's crates, if they get yours afterwords, you'll not only lose a total of 60 points, but give the enemy 60 points! Either protect your c

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carmics2 said:are good pvp in this game is quite balanced, you have to be more than 5 minutes early to enter

[Review] Scarlet Blade

By: Zugai posted at Apr 09, 2013 10:53 am


The game is rated 17+ (Mature) and you can only create female characters. Also there are no Races.

And so far played till lvl 19, lvl cap is lvl 29 for now.





Wields swords. Made for tanking and damage.



Wields a special Blaster for both healing and attacking.



Wields a powerful gun. Takes out most enemies without taking serious damage.



Wields two small guns for high attack frequency.



Wields Clawgloves for fast melee attacks.



Wields a whip for melee AOE damage.


Atm it seems Medic and Whippers are prefered for guilds/dungeon runs, so if you play those classes you might have higher chances getting into a guild/dungeon run. (Venus Server)

But also might mean rare/unique equipment is more expensive.

Sentinel doesn't seem to be as strong as Punisher, if you go for ranged, but thats only what I read ingame in chat.




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CassieChu said:Caergate is the current open pvp map(You can get in once you\'re level 23). But if you press M and change your map to the world map, you\'ll notice that every area after mereholt isn\'t duplicated(the...

Scarlet Blade: Soloing Bitterstone Core

By: Scion Storm posted at Apr 08, 2013 1:18 am

Play Scarlet Blade= http://full.sc/14xQvw1
Watch Other SB Reviews= http://full.sc/XhIV6l

So I'm here today showing you another Scarlet Blade dungeon. Definitely a harder dungeon to solo but it's very possible. So check it out get in there and solo your hearts out.

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Guest said:you make it look easy but I can\'t do it :(

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