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Is Anna and Gurov's relationship simply a case of bad timing?

By: danieldanlee posted at Oct 12, 2018 3:29 am

Is Anna and Gurov's relationship simply a case of bad timing? What does "The Lady with the Dog" say about relationships?

1898 – doctors recommend a sick writer to live in Yalta. It was at this time that Chekhov wrote a fantastic drama "The Lady with the Dog". Being impressed with life in Yalta, the writer sought not only to portray the notorious holiday novel and its consequences, but as fears of condemnation, and the inability to take steps to their true love, caused the deaf, and blind to the whole society. That is why the author addresses the problem of the family.
           Unlucky families of protagonists are perceived by the author as one of the manifestations of general disorder. They are part of the official world in which people live boring and pointless. The main character of the drama of Gurova married in his early youth, he never loved his wife:"... considered it a not far, narrow, immortal, afraid of her, and did not like to be at home. H

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Guest said:The very useful article, thanks! We just study this topic in school.

Maestia Online Aeria Games Look

By: Scion Storm posted at Jul 21, 2014 7:48 am

Play Maestia

Maestia Online has me scratching my head. Then it had me raging on the forums. Because the support told me I had too much ram....Like really REALLY? Anyway the game is a middle of the road MMO. You have a good deal unique in the game. But it's all drowned out by bugs, crashes, and really dry music.


Merc System is awesome! Allows you to rent a part if no one is around for a dungeon. Or you can call on friends you made in game. And they become NPC's to help you. This system is a lot of fun, it's almost a waste to be trapped in this game.
Skills system is well designed and under used.
Clothing in the game is rather cool
PVP highest ranked people, are displayed as statues in the main towns. That is an extremely nice touch.
Praying in this game can allow you to complete quests. So

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Nanbo said:LOL SCION! Such a good video (for a so so game). The commentary LOL! That casting time lolMaybe everything is reletive? I notice no Rouge class so they are not going for fast dps approach so maybe the...

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