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Top 10 Best Upcoming MMORPG In 2018

By: Nocht posted at Jan 03, 2018 6:11 pm
In 2018, we will be seeing some major Eastern MMORPGs move to the Western audience we've waiting many years for like Bless Online, Western MMORPGs like Crowfall and Project Gorgon are pushing to more widely playable testing phases and other promising MMORPGs like MapleStory 2 and Peria Chronicles are pumping out lots of hints that they are just around the corner!

Below is a list of the games in the video with brief descriptions. Their expected or announced released dates are in the video along with more details. Thanks for watching it!

All MMORPGs on this list are on PC, but one may end up being available for other platforms. Project TL is rumored to have a cross platform feature to be playable additionally on android and iOS mobile devices. This is unconfirmed.

This top 10 list is rough and is based entirely on my hype level for each game and which I believe are the best upcoming MMORPGs coming in 2018. Please be respectful of the fact that your order may be different than others.

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Nexon's Peria Chronicles Skips G-Star 2017 To Focus On Development

By: Nocht posted at Nov 10, 2017 4:00 pm

The Sand-box MMORPG Peria Chronicles developed by Thingsoft and to be published by Nexon is confirmed to be skipping on the upcoming G-Star 2017. The head of Nexon's online game division has said that they have chosen to do so because they do not want to waste time on creating a demo version to present to the G-Star convention and would rather keep working on the development of the game.

We can expect more news in winter and a playable version is hinted to come in December! It is not yet known what stage the game will come or who will be able to participate, only that the Korean news articles translates to "PC MMORPG, Chronicles of Peria being developed by ThingSoft will be released in December." There has not been a playable version prior to this.

Peria Chronicles’ team manager said last year in an interview that they are working hard to release the game at the end of 2017 or early 2018, but there are many that already accepted this to be a delayed project si

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Guest said:Cool, only 10 more years till we get an outdated english version.

Peria Chronicles Game Overview

By: Nocht posted at Oct 26, 2017 12:04 am

Peria Chronicles has been running low key for more than a few months, and lately there have been talks of news on the game's progress in the near future. While a good number of players may know about the existence of Peria Chronicles, most have not heard of its many amazing and unique features. Some notable ones being the Kirana-based combat system, terraforming, mini-game creation, and player-made dungeons.Today I will tell you about those features and why Peria Chronicles is a game I highly recommend you keep an eye out for.

Peria Chronicles is a very player driven game in which a lot of the content are created by the players, and how those content are played are also decided by the players. Check it out in the video below, and the timestamps for sections and notable points are listed in the pinned comment.

Model: Free To Play

Developer: Thingsoft

Status: Early Development

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Guest said:Game looks like it\'s going to incorporate a bunch of stuff, then strip everything to bare bones and release a big pile of disappointment.

Peria Chronicles not on Nexon's G Star 2017 Lineup

By: Cryyfuu posted at Aug 15, 2017 12:30 am

Nexon has revealed the games they will be covering for this years G-Star. 

Last year we got to see an early build of Peria Chronicles. For those of us who have been waiting for this game, it was very exciting to see.

Since then, we have not heard much about the game but their facebook is constantly being updated with monster art and loading screen images.

With Peria Chronicles not being on the list of games for Nexon to show this year, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing it at all in 2017.

We're already in August and have seen no further development since the last gameplay at G-Star so it's safe to say this game won't be coming until at least 2018. Without any new gameplay, an alpha or beta this year is unlikely. 

It is a bit strange though that their facebook page keeps teasing us with loading screen images. Makes me wonder if they will show it at G-Star but as a surprise.. or that maybe we will get some type of gameplay soon. 

With the mobile market b

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Guest said:Excuse me if I\'m wrong but Nexon hasn\'t released their Gstar lineup yet. The lineup you\'re referring to in the video in the pipeline for game releases and has nothing to do with Gstar itself. You c...

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