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Nanbo's Archlord 2 Review Levels 10 - 20

By: Nanbo posted at Sep 26, 2014 1:51 am

 Hello MMOSITE readers. Welcome to my next installment review of Archlord 2. In my last article, we covered the first ten levels giving the early experience a 2.5/5 points. I wondered out into the wilds to help save the villagers from goblins last for ten levels traight. I am proud to announce I have reached the end of the first map area and well into level 20. So, how was the journey? Is the game worth laying still? Read on to find out!

I finally am paying attention to the second weapon load out. I am a 1 handed fighter with shield as my main.  As a second load out, I put a staff, and I have started putting points in the healing skills. As I fight, in the middle of battle, I can easily swap out to my other weapon and skills. Mt ideal build is paladin like, the staff second load o

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Guest said:when there are private servers for World of Warcraft and ArcheAge is free to play, i dont see why people would wanna play those cheap ass games any longer

Nanbo's Archlord 2 Review Levels 1 - 10

By: Nanbo posted at Sep 17, 2014 4:22 am

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my latest review. Today I am writing about Archlord 2. This title is published by Webzen and the sequal to the older Archlord. I have never played Archlord I have heard that the general concept is copy and pasted in the sequal. That is: Build up your character in a PvP centric world, and battle it out enough to get the Archlord title. This brings rewards to you (and perhaps your faction) in the sum of buffs and other power ups. Sound enticing? Well I jumped into this with open mind and sword sharpened. Here are my first ten levels worth of review.

I heard of Archlord several years back when a fellow guild mate of mine in PWI, left to test new waters. He found his home in Archlord and tried recruiting us all over. Over time I lost contact wi

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Guest said:worst game of the year

Archlord 2 - Open Beta is now Live

By: Nisky posted at Jul 08, 2014 7:45 am

Webzen recently announced that Archlord 2 will enter the Open Beta phase today. All you need to do is register an account on the official website and download the game. The Open Beta launcher is now allowing players to choose what language (German, English or French) and what server (NA: Willowfire, EU: Chimera-FR, Locan-ENG, and Ishgar-GR) they prefer.

Below you will find a list of features that will be available during the OBT:

  • ·Level cap raised to 41
  • ·Skirmishes: Aquila Arena (level 30-41)
  • ·Battlegrounds available from Monday to Saturday, accessible from level 40

  • ·Four Contested Areas from level 5: Windy Canyon (5-10), Light Water Basin (15-20), Wounded Lands (25-30), and Circular Hills (35-41)

Webzen also released the premium Beta Packs that will contain various useful stuffs such as XPContinue Reading
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ArchLord 2 Character Creation Small Review

By: Scion Storm posted at Jun 17, 2014 6:27 pm

All I can say is why? This game is about 5-6 years too late. It looks nice ok customization. But it's a grinder with pvp. No story I could find , and attacks are slow. Making loud sound effects on landed blows. Doesn't suddenly make the game more fun. It just makes it more LOUD lol.

I wanted to like this game to be honest with you guys. I played on and pvp'd world pvp'd. I even went into a few instances. And it almost put me to sleep. I like to find something good in every game. This one I couldn't find bad so to speak. But I didn't find anything that great either. Well one thing it has "bounce" physics. Don't bother guys sorry to say.


Cute female customization

Weapon Skill System




No story, Grinding, PVP is Imbalanced, Constant Crashing,

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HikenNoAce said:\"EVERY DAMN THING ELSE \" LOL, yeah i was wating something like that, but you just confirmed my thoughts about this game. Thanks Scion Keep the going with this amazing blog :)

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