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Torchlight Mobile All Classes Skills Show and Pet System (ARPG 2017)

By: Gtaster posted at Apr 20, 2017 7:49 am

Torchlight Mobile is an online action RPG !

Game (Chinese version) by China’s Perfect World (IOS/Android).
Torchlight Mobile haven’t realeased English version yet. Hope it will come in 2017.
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First, let’s talk about Map and Gameplay. Torchlight Mobile has dungeon stage map like other Action RPG for Mobile and same gameplay with controller and skills buttons.
Now, there are 3 main class in game : Ember Blade, Engineer, Kitsune. Each class has different weapon and skills. The attributes system was remove in this Mobile version, that mean you can not creat a unique play style for you anymore. Unfortunately for me, attributes system is what I love most.

SKills System in Torchlight Mobile :
– Skill system was changed ! In Torchlight and Torchlight II, there are 3 skills Tree for

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Torchlight 2 - Review: Every step forward burns brighter

By: KradisZ posted at Oct 15, 2012 4:00 pm

Torchlight 2 is a recently new released (September 20th, 2012)Action Role Playing Game(ARPG) by Runic Games.

The game provides many traditional elements of RPG games in the past, and brings a few new features in. All in all the game is fun just being built upon basic good principles of what older RPG games had. The new things will be mentioned further down below.

After having beat Elite difficulty on my first play through I’m finally ready to write the journey of it all. It took me an exciting 65 hours to beat it and I haven’t had much time to rush that to make this review due to school and homework. The experience was very fun.

Runic Games is a small company that is founded by employees that are affiliated with the development and product of the first two Diablo series games. (Diablo 1 and D

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Guest said:game is a 5/10. which is why almost nobody still plays it.

Torchlight 2 - A flame relit

By: KradisZ posted at Sep 22, 2012 5:21 am

After 9 hours of solid game play of TL2 I've come to the conclusion of a certain impression, albeit I haven't reached a full gameplay through yet I've reached Act2 and its first map; Ossean Wastes, that impression is a very positive one.

I've played the beta of Torchlight 2 and it ended at the end of act 1.

The main changes I've noticed from Beta to Release is probably just the skill tree. Everything else looks similar. The only thing that's drastically changed was the skill tree to grid boxes........ ALTHOUGH I'm sure there's a way to switch them back because I just recalled an icon on the top right somewhere that looked like a grid... so there might be a tree switch there. The skills themselves didnt' change or at least I didn't notice any.

All the aforementioned goodies from TL1 are in TL2... except I havent' seen a gambler anywhere yet but I did see a shady character. LOL yes he was named Shady Character had the same voice as the gambler so he's probably there somew

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Guest said:there IS a gambler. its actually a few of the achievements.WAY better than shitass sharpes review.

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