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A New Global MMORPG ?

By: ZackxFair posted at Sep 23, 2012 6:30 pm

Knight Story is based on oriental fantasy originates from various cultures in Asia. You play as a traveller, living in a world rampant with monsters both aggressive and passive, within the difference village chief of NPCs from different region to train you as a chosen knight cross between heaven, earth and hell and defeat the area boss monsters, the bloody PK System, and a continues quests to acquire different costume. Also it will take you to the vicious world that you've never seen before.

If I will put the rate,, it would be 8.

The graphics is slightly old school into a 3D generation, Knight Story is a 2D chibi characters running in a 3D anime style. A 2D sprites form originated to those used a high-quality 3D graphics games that reminds me the nostalgia. The game graphics seems lack of innovation however upon playing the game you will easily get clinched into it. Who would think of an anime style characters to see unusual bloods while in action? Well it’s for you to find out.

So, my

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