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Nine Dragons Web: shhhh...i'm meditating

By: vanessa20borja posted at Nov 14, 2012 9:53 pm

Nine Dragons’ Meditation

This is one of the cool features of Nine Dragons Web, “The Meditation”. Every Clan in game has different types of meditation. Meditation is used to efficiently recover your depleted Life and Vital Energy.

The time it takes you to fully recover will depend on the type of meditation you know, and how badly wounded or depleted you have become. If you are attacked during meditation you run the risk of suffering deadly wounds equal to the amount of Life yet to be restored. Your concentration will be immediately broken and you must quickly rise and defend yourself.

Deviant Clan disciples are prone to attack warriors while they are meditating. So be very careful where you choose to meditate.

Kindly check GNG website for more information and account creation. http://www.gamengame.com/games/online-game-media.asp?online-game-no=57

Official Forum: www.bluefingames.com

Official Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/9dragons.global?fref=ts

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