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How To Download and Play Call of Duty Online CN from anywhere

By: CindyKK posted at Jul 20, 2016 7:32 pm

Call of Duty Online (Chinese : 使命召唤Online ) is a first-person shooter video game franchise,which gathering all popular elements of Call of Duty series.

The Chinese server of CODOL's published by Tencent in Mainland China.

Call of Duty Online is extremely hot in Mainland China,there are 431,665 members in Tieba of Baidu,and 28 million posts.
Not only Chinese love CODOL,but many players outside China also wanna play this great OL game.
But the language barrier and high ping do make players crazy.
According to many players don't know Simplified Chinese,here I will introduce the tutorial about how to Register,Download and Install/Play Call of Duty Online CN from anywhere.
First of all, we need to change computer's system locale to Simplified Chinese.

Part 1. Register,Download a

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Guest said:nice job on this

Call of Duty Online CH First Impression+ How to play it

By: Scion Storm posted at Nov 25, 2014 6:39 am

This game is rather awesome if I say so myself. I haven't played COD since Black Ops 2. And this gave me all the nice memories of that game. I just did one quest string in the game. It has 21 I could count, they vary in difficulty and level. You will see me streaming it this week. Because it's a lot of fun.

You will need a QQ account to play. And don't wait too long because the keys are half gone. This is the link Below.

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Guest said:Is this game in cbt or obt?

Rental mobil untuk wisata ke berbagai tempat di Jakarta

By: mertesacker posted at Oct 18, 2014 1:18 am

Ada banyak pilihan destinasi wisata di Jakarta yang dapat anda kunjungi dengan menggunakan jasa rental mobil Jakarta. Tinggal sebut saja apa yang anda kunjungi, maka anda bisa menemukan semuanya di Jakarta. Namun jika jalanan sudah mulai macet, apakah anda masih tetap berkeinginan berputar-putar mengelilingi Jakarta? Coba bayangkan, anda berada di Jakarta Selatan dan ingin bepergian ke Ancol di Jakarta Utara. Normal melalui tol anda bisa melakukan perjalanan selama 1 sampai 1,5 jam. Namun jika macet? 3 jam pun belum tentu anda sampai tujuan.

Kalau sudah macet, apakah anda dapat menikmati? Pilih saja rental mobil Jakarta jika anda ingin menikmati perjalanan wisata anda. Sebetulnya, di Jakarta ada banyak pilihan moda transportasi yang untuk menuju tempat-tempat wisata. Seperti misalnya busway

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Indoor 4G Cell Phone Signal Jammers Stop Bomb in House

By: chuckchen posted at Sep 23, 2014 11:04 pm
4g cell phone jammer As we all know that for some certain kind of purposes so that to reach the ideal condition now the mobile phone signal jammers are being used to help people achieve their goal and among various types of mobile phone jammers that are for sale in the market buy one that can meet your requirements is the best choice and just here for people who are looking for the signal jammers that can cut off the 4G mobile phone signals and also own the adjustable function they can have a look at this "6&Continue Reading
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