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Dragon Knight online: Is this worth your time?

By: Tony259 posted at Dec 06, 2012 5:57 am

So since I haven't really seen any proper detailed review or thoughts on the game that can give people a good idea of what the game basically is, I thought I would do just that to give those people an idea if your still pondering on "is this even worth trying?".

Character Customization:

The customization is really basic for this game, I was originally hoping it would have more as we come closer to 2013 but I should really start remembering that not all company's have the funds to make everything as great as possible, leading from customization of characters to the texturing of the game world.

So anyway what we have is simply 4 things to work from, 5 selections of faces, 5 hair styles and 3 colours to them, 5 accessory's and 5 fa

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