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2013 Hype List: Legend of Souls

By: Chiisuke posted at Nov 23, 2012 1:11 am

Legend of Souls

Main Site: http://ls.pmang.com/
Developer: Neowiz Games
Genre: Action fantasy, MMORPG

The next thing up Neowiz Games' sleeve is the much-awaited Legend of Souls, a fantasy-MMORPG with a strategic combat system featuring martial arts.

The game was officially launched this year in South Korea and was very well received. Now, the game is officially slated to be released globally next year, 2013. Equipped with "flashy" action, this title is apparently for a more mature or adult audience.

With only limited information to get our interest going, details found about the game can be summed up by the following;

1) 4 classes have been revealed so far; the Divine Soul, Martial Soul, Kill Soul, and Blood Soul.

2) There are 5 regions in total that you can explore.

3) We

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