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Kritika Online Upcoming Archer Class "Sky Dancer" Revealed For KR/CN!

By: Nocht posted at Jun 19, 2017 4:54 pm

The Chinese and Korean versions of Kritika Online are getting a brand new class addition of the un-named archer/falconer class. She wields a bow and fights with her long-time eagle companion! The new class, Sky Dancer will be playable in CN and KR on July 6.

Tencent, the Chinese publisher for Kritika is allowing players to choose the nicknames of the class AND the bird companion.

It's likely still it is still many moons away from being in En Masse's hands, but it's really great to see that there is still heavy development going on for the original version. We've got much to look forward to for NA, with a total of now four unreleased classes.

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littlecereal said:Weee

Kritika Online News: New Fatigue System, Monetization/Economy, Changes to Dungeon Difficulty & More

By: Nocht posted at May 27, 2017 1:23 am

Here are important information about Kritika Online's NA CBT1 version, the changes made to the Fatigue System, Dungeon difficulty, and the new limitations to the economy system put in place by En Masse Entertainment.

They are actively looking and accepting feedback on all the topics I covered. Try out the game and let them know what you think of their CBT.

Learn more and download on their site: https://kritika.enmasse.com/

NA servers are up. European servers will be available in OPEN BETA.

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Guest said:higher HP & attack is not difficulty, its a trash excuse for it, pass

Kritika Online: CBT Should you play it?

By: Scion Storm posted at May 26, 2017 9:44 pm

The short answer is yes this game is fun. And a very good passer of time. Being CBT it's a nice time to get in there, and see what everything is about. Remember that all progress will be wiped. Now to give you a more in-depth answer. If you have ever like Dungeon Nest or any game like it. This game is exactly like those games. You have instances you go into multiple times are varying levels of difficulties. To do multiple quests to progress the story along. This is nothing new in this type of game. In fact, the only thing different in Kritika is the combat. The system resembles a fighting game thrown into an action MMO. Injustice 2 fans Street Fighter 5 fans will feel at home there. When the game goes OBT I'll come back with more deeper leveling gameplay. I've gone pretty far in Korea in this game. And really to be honest with you, it never changed from the very first dungeon you run. You just get more moves and stronger. 

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Guest said:i might try if get on steam

Kritika Online - First Impressions & Thoughts

By: Cryyfuu posted at May 25, 2017 10:05 pm

So I gave Kritika a go for three hours last night. I didn't expect much. Thought the game would be boring and repetitive due to being outdated and a 'choose your hero' type of game. To my surprise, the game was pretty fun. At first, everything feels a bit too easy.. killing bosses in one combo and clearing dungeons in around a minute or two. So, I decided to up the difficulty to INSANE hoping it would be more of a challenge. Nope.. 

However, once I got about 2 hours into the game, brought a party and then ran the missions on INSANE the challenge revealed itself.

The combat is amazing, the graphics are outdated but it's expected since the game is older and anime themed. I'm sure the dungeons/missions will become extremely repetitive once it becomes a farming for gear simulator but early on it has been pretty enjoyable. 

This first impressions video is an actual first impression. My first three hours spent in Kritika Online edited down into around 20 minutes. 

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Guest said:Hope this game dont get the toxic community as others mmo\'s have. Game looks nice gameplay and i like anime style.

Everything You Need To Know About Kritika Online!

By: Nocht posted at May 04, 2017 11:25 pm


This video sums up what Kritika Online is about and all the important aspects of the game like combat, PVE, PVP and character customization. Hopefully it helps you decide if it's a game worth playing or just another one to pass on.

Kritika Online is launching under En Masse Entertainment for the West! Closed Beta begins on Continue Reading

Just Some Guy said:I do wish people would stop calling these sort of online games, MMOs. They have the same degree of multiplayer as say the Borderlands games, where up to only four people playing together is the norm, ...

Kritika Online-Western Release Announcement 2017

By: Rankochan posted at Feb 24, 2017 5:38 am
En Masse Entertainment announced the Korean action MMORPG Kritika Online will be released later this year in North America and Europe. Kritika Online is an anime style hack 'n' slash game with stunning combat effects.

Sign up for closed beta at www.playkritika.com

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Kritika Online: Monk Character Customization and Gameplay (KR)

By: Scion Storm posted at Jul 30, 2016 3:09 pm

This character is so broken. He can infinite juggle with his default. Not only that his skills also have pop up factors so he can just spam forever. I had a lot of hopes for this character, but alas it appears this character will be too easy to enjoy. I know that sounds a little crazy to read. I just want a character that challenges me to be good. Not one that you can mindlessly spam and win. They have to reign the monk back a bit. And not make every single thing he does juggle.

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Guest said:where is the Europe version of this game ? lol

Kritika Online Character Customization Gameplay

By: Scion Storm posted at Jun 13, 2016 8:33 am

She has always been my favorite in Kritika. It's finally American let's go have some fun.
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Guest said:alright you convinced me,gonna give this game a try.

Kritika Online: Nobleria First Class Change

By: Scion Storm posted at Jan 07, 2016 7:27 pm

Class Change Free Outfit

Let's take a look at Nobleria's first class advancement. She is pretty fun and a bit scary. How she goes from little girl to yea something else.....
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OldPervert said:That nobleria loli is so sexy, i hope this game come occident for play it.

Kritika Online: Nobleria Debut

By: Scion Storm posted at Dec 03, 2015 12:41 pm

Main Site

English Main Site (Coming Soon)

At first I was like oh no Loli! But she is actually just a little girl. She is fun to use however and sports some major fire power. Like Eclaire she'll more then likely need a nerf. If a character is too easy with combo's. It's almost no fun to continue playing them for long. With all that said she is a nice addition to the roster for Christmas.


Super Easy to use borders on cheap

Humorous attacks and finishers

Easy to level up

Long dash evade (don't know how she's short)


She doesn't really have any to be honest unless you're annoyed with kid characters and voices.


For those who care for a English server watch. A SEA Global version is coming soon. I added the link to the Facebook. Happy gaming!

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