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Neowiz listens to player backlash, slashes price of the $200 founders to $150 + Q&A

By: Barnivere posted at May 16, 2018 9:52 pm
Q: We want more information on the founder’s packs.
A: Founder's packs will include the Bless Online base game, exclusive skins, premium membership, Lumena, and other benefits. The content of all the founder's packs include the base game, and purchasers can expect around a 31-33% discount from what the price would be if all the components were purchased individually.

Q: Is the premium membership subscription based? What are the benefits?
A: Premium membership is not a subscription-based product. Premium membership can help increase efficiency or provide an effect that will, for a limited amount of time, reduce the costs of convenience related fees. As anyone with the base game can enjoy all of Bless’ content without restriction, premium membership can be see as an option for those who wanContinue Reading
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How to Earn Bless Online Gold Quickly?

By: ig4c posted at Apr 23, 2018 1:11 am
It is very common in Bless Online world that gold is the main factor to make your game a lot easier. Bless uses the classic Copper/Silver/Gold currency system. You can use gold to buy the last part of your gear at AH and repairing your gear. Here are a couple of methods to get gold quickly:

Farming dungeons and selling the dropped gear at the AH for ~1G for each piece at level 33+. Probably the most easy and enjoyable of all three methods here, also great to get some money at the start, but it's probably the least effective method to get Gold fast.

Crafting a ton of armors and sell them at the AH. It's also really nice for end game where you'll make your own good gear (better than most dungeons' gear), but it gets long to farm the materials. You may (will) find yourself travelling the map a lot when searching for materials though.

Farming epic/legendary mounts and pets and sell them for 10-500 Gold for epics or ~2500 Gold for legendaries (very few players will buy Legendary mounts andContinue Reading
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New MMORPGs in 2018 That Are Actually Coming Out

By: Fevir posted at Apr 08, 2018 11:02 am

I got so frustrated going from place to place checking out lists of MMORPGS COMING OUT IN 2018!!!.. only to find that 90% of them have no chance of coming out this year.

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Guest33 said:so a tonne of shit talks with no info cool. ty for wasting my time

BLESS to Release as B2P May 2018, New Site & Emissary Program begins!

By: Barnivere posted at Mar 21, 2018 12:53 pm

Neowiz has announced that BLESS Online is to release in May 2018, but the exact date is unknown. to celebrate this announcement, a new site has been launched and the brand new emissary program (Partnership Program for most mmos) Has begun.

To the newly launched site
The Emissary Program:

Neowiz is looking for passionate youtubers and streamers to collaborate with in order to bring a stronger community and bring growth to the game.
There are two kinds of roles for the Emissary program:

"Creators are players who can commit to a steady streaming and uploading schedule and who have a passion for MMORPG games. Ideally, players applying as streamers should have over 200 Twitch followers or over 1,000 YouTube subscribers.

Creators (including streamers, video/fan art/fanfiction creator

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Bless Online Developers Showcase Amazing Original Paintings Art Before Release

By: Nocht posted at Mar 11, 2018 5:09 pm

Neowiz's Bless OnlineTeam has released beautiful original paintings with their "Traveling through Bless Online with Original Paintings" to introduce the wonderful places of the game. Unfortunately, no release date has been mentioned yet, but here are the awesome game location paintings!

We want a release date!

For more information on Bless, visitMMOPulse's game overview.


Spezia – the beautiful city of water

"Unión’s capital, Spezia, is the biggest city in the southern continent.
Due to its invaluable role in leading the Unión Alliance against the Habicht Empire, Spezia is still the heart of the UNIóN Alliance today. Spezia is also sometimes referred to as “the city of water” because it was built over a lake and gondolas are used as transportation to nearby areas.

Terny – the Continue Reading
Guest said:Again this failed game... oh, look, we have some pictures for you to mentally fap to ! Release date or STFU/GTFO... stop with this buiding hype BS cause there is none. I have the lowest (to none) expe...

BLESS Mobile Official Debut Trailer

By: Nocht posted at Feb 05, 2018 11:42 pm
JOY CITY, the South Korean game publisher has revealed the debut trailer for the upcoming BLESS Mobile. In 2017, it was revealed that a second mobile version of BLESS is being developed by ThinkFun.

BLESS Mobile will be created with the same world and story of its PC counterpart, but will have content not in the PC version and a different combat system. The game will utilize the Unreal Engine 4. The developer ThinkFun have said that its goal is to provide the best graphics in mobile gaming.

BLESS Mobile is scheduled to launch in Korea in the second half of 2018, with no specific date revealed yet. Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks!

Read more about Bless Mobile here: https://mmopulse.com/game/bless-mobile

Be sure to subscribe to my MMORPG YouTube channel to stay up to date on videos of BLESS Mobile!

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Guest said:Don\'t care... I want Bless pc version ! I\'ve no interest in mobile and VR, quite the opposite, I\'m sick of it. These days you cannot even read/watch the gaming sites anymore... it\'s all mobile and...

Expected Content In Bless Online Global Steam Release In 2018

By: Nocht posted at Dec 25, 2017 8:17 pm
With Bless OnlineRebuild Project’s development continued in the recently released Japanese open beta, there are many hints on the content and type of game we will see for the global version. Here are my thoughts and predictions on what we can expect to see in Bless Online’s upcoming Steam release next year.

Bless Online was first announced to the world at the end of 2011. In this video, I go over the journey Bless has gone through from the harsh first Korean beta, the Russian catastrophe and to its rebuilding. Drastic changes have been implemented to the game since it was revealed. Some for the worse and a lot for the better!

My basis are from all versions of the game that I have played, which follows:

Russia CBT & OBT ➜ KR OBT ➜ KR Rebuild ➜ Japan OBT.

Check out Bless Online's updated character creation on my previous article here:


Subscribe to my channel for more MMORP

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Guest said:Great ! Thank you for the video, waited years for this game. I just hope they\'ll release it or do a beta soon, like january.

Updated Character Creation In Bless Online Japanese Open Beta

By: Nocht posted at Nov 18, 2017 12:43 am

Bless Online’s Japanese version launched its open beta earlier this month on November 2nd. Its closed beta already included many features from the Rebuild Project, but much more so now in the open beta. One part that’s actually ahead of the Rebuild Project server is the character creation process. Here is the updated look of the race and class selection and the new rebuilt character designer.

The character creator has had several changes like the addition of the color picker on top of the palette and dozens of newly available hairstyles and skin variations for each race.

I predict that this is going to be very similar to what the upcoming 2018 global Steam release will have, but of course in English and other languages it will support.

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Guest said:i will look foward for this game

Bless Online Global Version's Steam Early Access & Testing Phase

By: Nocht posted at Nov 05, 2017 12:20 am

The global release of Bless Online on Steam was announced last week, and to follow up with the hype, Neowiz has posted an FAQ on the game's Steam News page. It is confirmed that there will be a testing phase and an early access phase before the final release in 2018! Many details still remain unannounced like who exactly will be eligble to test and what prices "early access" packages will be. A date is also yet to be announced.

We do however know that at this time, Neowiz is uncertain of whether Bless Online should be free to play or not. There is a possibility that we may see Bless Online as a buy-to-play game for its global version.

What do you think of a non-free-to-play Bless Online?

Read more about Bless Online - http://mmopulse.com/game/bless-online

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Guest said:not interesting to targeting game at all. im stay on BDO.

Bless Online Global Steam Release Will Have Rebuild Project Content

By: Nocht posted at Oct 21, 2017 2:19 pm

If you haven't heard yet, Neowiz has finally officially announced that they will be self-publishing Bless Online on Steam sometime in 2018. Bless Online developer and publisher Neowiz went to TwitchCon 2017 and gave information about Bless’ upcoming global release next year. Yep, global! Not only for North America and Europe.

They opened a new official teaser website with basic information on the races, classes, and gameplay. The Steam community and store page are also already up and running. From the teaser site, we can find some content from the Rebuild Project being showcased which suggests that the global version will have some or all of the "rebuilt" content like the new legendary flaming horse mount.

Here is the official teaser site: http://www.blessonline.net
And the Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/681660/Bless_Online/
More on Bless: http://mmopulse.com/game/peria-chronicles

More Bless and MMORPG videos on my YouTube channel: youtube.com/nocht

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claudiojoana said:any dates? or speculation? summer 2018 maybe ?

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