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Updated Character Creation In Bless Online Japanese Open Beta

By: Nocht posted at Nov 18, 2017 12:43 am

Bless Online’s Japanese version launched its open beta earlier this month on November 2nd. Its closed beta already included many features from the Rebuild Project, but much more so now in the open beta. One part that’s actually ahead of the Rebuild Project server is the character creation process. Here is the updated look of the race and class selection and the new rebuilt character designer.

The character creator has had several changes like the addition of the color picker on top of the palette and dozens of newly available hairstyles and skin variations for each race.

I predict that this is going to be very similar to what the upcoming 2018 global Steam release will have, but of course in English and other languages it will support.

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Guest said:i will look foward for this game

Bless Online Global Version's Steam Early Access & Testing Phase

By: Nocht posted at Nov 05, 2017 12:20 am

The global release of Bless Online on Steam was announced last week, and to follow up with the hype, Neowiz has posted an FAQ on the game's Steam News page. It is confirmed that there will be a testing phase and an early access phase before the final release in 2018! Many details still remain unannounced like who exactly will be eligble to test and what prices "early access" packages will be. A date is also yet to be announced.

We do however know that at this time, Neowiz is uncertain of whether Bless Online should be free to play or not. There is a possibility that we may see Bless Online as a buy-to-play game for its global version.

What do you think of a non-free-to-play Bless Online?

Watch more of my Bless content by subscribing to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/nocht

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Guest said:not interesting to targeting game at all. im stay on BDO.

Bless Online Global Steam Release Will Have Rebuild Project Content

By: Nocht posted at Oct 21, 2017 2:19 pm

If you haven't heard yet, Neowiz has finally officially announced that they will be self-publishing Bless Online on Steam sometime in 2018. Bless Online developer and publisher Neowiz went to TwitchCon 2017 and gave information about Bless’ upcoming global release next year. Yep, global! Not only for North America and Europe.

They opened a new official teaser website with basic information on the races, classes, and gameplay. The Steam community and store page are also already up and running. From the teaser site, we can find some content from the Rebuild Project being showcased which suggests that the global version will have some or all of the "rebuilt" content like the new legendary flaming horse mount.

Here is the official teaser site: http://www.blessonline.net
And the Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/681660/Bless_Online/

More Bless and MMORPG videos on my YouTube channel: youtube.com/nocht

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claudiojoana said:any dates? or speculation? summer 2018 maybe ?

Bless Online Adds Loli and Shota Race Skin For Mascu

By: Nocht posted at Oct 10, 2017 6:47 pm
The Mascu race was added to Bless Online's Rebuild Test Server and with it came the humanoid forms in the character creation. It is stll the same race, Mascu, and has the same character base models that is made to look like a small human. I believe this is meant to appeal to those that want to play as "loli" or "shota" characters.

Here is the character creation for both male and female characters and what it looks like inside the actual game world.

A screenshot of the new race skin on my assassin in the game.

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MeComoPene said:Just let it die

Status of Bless Online's Rebuild Project

By: Nocht posted at Oct 01, 2017 6:27 pm

Bless Online’s Rebuild Project is now in “Season 3” with the latest patch from 9/28. There's been many changes so far, and in the video below I talk about the state of the testing phase as well as the direction the game is headed. Although the development for the Rebuild Project has been slow, it appears that Neowiz is listening to and making changes based on tester feedback.

Some latest updates that have come include the remodeled Siege of Castra battleground and humanoid Mascu racial skin choice.

Neowiz has clarified that Bless Online is still going to be localized to North America, but details of this is yet to surface; including expected beta or release dates. However, Neowiz will be attending TwitchCon 2017 on October 22nd and bringing Bless Online with them, so new information may surface soon.

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Guest said:Stop forcing us action mmorpgs! Those are not even rpg in any sence. I used to play lineage2, aion, WOW with enjoy... Not this new mmos forcing action tergeting so instead to relax with mnmorpg we all...

Bless Online Rebuild New Character Creation Features Added

By: Nocht posted at Sep 15, 2017 4:58 pm

The Rebuild Project of Bless Online has been slowly bringing in updates to the character creation process. Today we received updates related to gear including a transcendence system, succession system that are meant to allow gear upgrades to be transferred.

The patch included some updates with character creation as well. More preset options for colors and body part types have been added. The default selection for hair color, make up, and skin has been increased from 32 to 64!

An RGB color picker has been added as well for hair color, beard color, eye colors, tattoo color and a few others.

Here is the RGB color picker.

The Human-like loli Mascu that will be available as a choice in the character creation was delayed, but is still coming to the Rebuild Test.

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Bless Online Opens Belorus ‘Capture the Flag’ PvP On Live Server

By: Nocht posted at Aug 25, 2017 4:21 pm

On top of the rebuild client, the live Korean server, Elpis is also getting new content updates. The Belorus ‘Capture the Flag’ PvP has now been patched in as of August 23. 

It is going to take place in one area in the open world. Beloruss, the geyser area, in the north eastern region of the world. 

To participate, simply enter the conflict zone. When the battle begins, 2 bases at opposing ends of the area are deployed. There will be one flag (chest in this case), in each of the bases and your goal is to destroy the opposing team’s chest.

There are also neutral flags outside the bases that can be attacked and taken by both factions. The base flags will be respawned after a certain period of time, and the neutral flag will be respawned randomly after a certain period of tim

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Bless Online New Taming System & Console Rumor

By: Nocht posted at Aug 24, 2017 2:05 pm

A console version of Bless Online may be flying lowkey under the radar with Neowiz hiring  for several positions related to console game development, including programmers, a project manager, UI designers, and character artists.

The companion update was patched into the test server a few days ago giving access to the new taming, legendary mount skins, and new companion upgrading.

⊹ They put in  a bunch of new items related to this system in the cash shop. Growth Elixirs, Blessing Powders, and Upgrade Stones all related to helping you get a higher rank and higher level companion more easily. This is for testing purposes on the live servers so that the legendary mounts and pets can be obtained in the time period of the test phase. It's not guaranteed that the companion upgrade items

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Anonymous said:また炎の馬か、見飽きた

Bless Online Rebuild Project Review

By: Nocht posted at Aug 06, 2017 6:25 pm

This is a review of my gameplay on Bless Online’s Rebuild Test Server. The test servers went live on August 1 for South Korea. Primarily I covered bigger issues such as client optimization, combat, character creation, and leveling progression.

My experience was much more enjoyable this time around compared to playing on the live Korean and Russian servers due to the fact that there's actually players to do dungeons with and play with.

Keep in mind that lots of changes are still to come, only a few are live on the test server.

If you are interested in playing the test server, I have a guide on it. Keep in mind that you will first need a Pmang game account which requires a Korean SSN to create.

Here: http://my.mmosite.com/7642415/blog/item/bless_online_rebuild_test_server_download_installation_guide.html

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Guest said:If this is gonna be old tab target... won\'t stick with it, will probably fiddle around with character creation and play a bit... maybe if the story is good and voice acted will play longer. Funny tho...

How To Play Bless Online 2017 - REBUILD PROJECT server

By: Cryyfuu posted at Aug 01, 2017 9:40 pm

For those wondering how to play Bless Online on the new REBUILD server, it will require a Korean account, a VPN and patience.

Keep in mind this will cost around 10-15.00 USD unless you have connections with a South Korean person.

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