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Smashmuck Champions Steam Early Access Review

By: BlackRaisons posted at Sep 29, 2013 1:56 pm

Recently, there are many MOBA games that have been appearing all over the online gaming community.

One of these new editions is Smashmuck Champions. With all these MOBAs suddenly appearing out of thin air, what sets them apart from the rest, what sets Smashmuck Champions above the others? Well here's an analysis on various aspects of Smashmuck Champions!


In term of graphics, Smashmuck Champions' graphics is very appealing. Although it is not as detailed as some other MOBAs currently available, the comic-esque appearance of the game does catch the eyes of it's players. Each stage/map is designed well and varies greatly. The champions are also aesthetically different from another in terms of sizes, animations and skills. The skills in Smashmuck Champions are especially simple.

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