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Community Q&A - Open Beta Delay

By: SpiritTales posted at Apr 26, 2012 1:55 pm

Since Spirit Tales open beta has been postponed until May 10, we decided to ask you, our fans, to send us any questions you have regarding the overall delay. After collecting a number of questions from our forums and Facebook page, we sat down with Elliott (Colbeagle), our Spirit Tales Community Manager, to address some of the issues you have all brought up.

Here at KoramGame we have certain standards that we strive to uphold for all of our games. With that being said, we didn't want to release a game that we felt was incomplete in any way, shape, or form. The first time experience is absolutely critical; and while some of you may not mind weekly patches, we have to consider the first time players as well and how a more polished game will dictate their overall gameplay experience early on.

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A Look Into Spirit Tales

By: Beligerent posted at Mar 18, 2012 10:05 pm

Spirit Tales is a sickingly cute anime mmo. It's not too bad and I actually found it pretty neat how when you walked around the world it was like you were walking on a ball and so everything seemed to just pop up as you kept walking. New scenery and bright colors just filled the camera's angle in a burst out of quite literally, nowhere.

The skills are fun and the skill tree is easy to work with. When your bar is full enough you can push the space button and you will transform into a more powerful being. You are also able to tame monsters around Spirit Tales. There is also a nice feature where you can click on a button on monsters pictures to see what it is they drop, which is really cool, and something I wish other mmos would do. Crafting is really simplified to and I personally l

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Guest said:its visual and first impressions it gave me sold me instantly, however as i played 1 hour into spirit tales, i found it to be a shallow and consist of very little content that could appeal to a MMORPG...

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