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[Review] Eternal Blade JP CBT

By: Zugai posted at Mar 25, 2013 9:24 am

Many might think it’s just another Anime style point n click MMO, but it isn’t.

It’s not even a point n click/action hybrid.

It uses regular MMO perspective and you aim skills/attacks with your cursor at all times.

First off: Character Creation

Since the game is genderlocked you miss out on about half the possible combinations.

Knight: female

Thief: female

Archer: female

Berserker: male

Mage: male

Soul Summoner: female

4 Hairstyles per gender

9 Haircolors (same for both genders)

5 skin colors (same for both genders)

10 eyes per gender

4 eyecolors


The standard control setup might not be the best to begin with:

Skills on ASDFGHJK & F1-F8
Items and pet skills on 1-4/5-8
RBM to adjust cam, cursor to aim, Arrow keys to move. (I don’t expect anyone to have 3 hands to keep that)

X to sit down,

Space to loot,

G to collect "Souls" from dead mobs.


The basic idea was to get away from pure point n click.

In the previous version (iL:S) you already could use skills w/o clicking on a certain t

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