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Sevencore Shadow Crusade

By: ExcEsc posted at Nov 06, 2012 10:28 pm
A new army enters the war in Shadow Crusade, the first update to launch for Sevencore today, November 6.  Join the battle with the petite but powerful new Aimon race, annihilate enemies as the new assassin class, and utilize brand new game systems including Materialization and the thrilling new PvP arena Battlefield.

The Aimon, once a peaceful race from the Eastern Continent, now stand ready to join the Grand Cross Alliance in the ever escalating war against the Amaad. Spurred to assist their allies the Nuuk, who once saved them from a horrific extinction, these minute creatures often go underestimated against unsuspecting foes. Special racial abilities allow the Aimon to increase the max energy of their mounts during travel, and while not in combat 5% of their max health regenerates every five seconds making them critical reinforcements in battle.

Deliver the deadliest blows with the new assassin, a powerful melee class specializing in incredibly high critical chance and dodge rateContinue Reading
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Seven Core CBT review

By: Yuujif posted at Jul 23, 2012 9:51 am

Seven core asia Closed Beta Test is about to end in 8 hours . There were many event held in game to keep user entertain . Game has unique features like under water combat , air combat and mounts have more meaning then literally it self  . They help you in battle each mount has his own unique skills and stats . They lv up with you at lv10 you can ride them and use them in fight . Game is open world and a lot  of big maps to explore . It follows same tab hit way but still you will not find your self getting bored till lv30 . I was unable to pass lv30 after lv30 you need a lot of grinding tho . Game features 3 races each with it's own feature and 3 classes gunner , warrior , mage and in - depth customization  . There are elite bosses roaming free in world and they might drop

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empire2x2 said:im not the one who complain the graphics and i will try sevencore when it will be up for EU.. but.. its 2012, why dont make it little more polished than this?

Seven Core OBT on February 15

By: ExcEsc posted at Feb 12, 2012 4:35 pm

SEVENCORE was developed by Korean studio Noria. Noria is consisting of developers who have previously engaged in the creation of Webzen's MU2 and Kingdom of Warriors. SEVENCORE is a free Fusion Fantasy Riding Action MMORPG where you'll get to have mounted battles on land, aerial battle and underwater. Mounts in the game are not only for decorative purposes, they grow together with players, learn skills and attacks. There are 3 main civilizations in SevenCore: Zion, Brutus and Nuuk and basically they are at war with each other.

As gPotato have opened it's teaser site for Seven Core NA/EU service last year, the korean server will be entering its Open Beta on the 15th of February.

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empire2x2 said:looks like rf online. where are bells mau\'s?:D

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