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Heroes of The Storm 2.0 Review: Is it Worth Your Time?

By: InMyOpinionGaming posted at May 03, 2017 11:52 pm

Heroes of The Storm recently updated with its huge 2.0 overhaul. With it came a large variety of improvements to the reward/leveling and cosmetic systems. Alongside that came a new Hero (Genji) a new Map (Super fun, imo) and a bevvy of other changes and tweaks.

I reviewed Heroes of The Storm 2.0, its gameplay, it's new reward, and cosmetic loot box system in order to deduce whether or not it's Worth Your Time as a free-to-play game!

For more Worth Your Time and Worth Your Dime video reviews (regarding MMOs, Free Games, MOBAs and RPGS) Visit my YouTube Channel!: https://www.youtube.com/user/KojintoGaming

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Guest said:the game got destroyed with 2.0

Heroes of the Storm Next Hero is Cassia

By: Hàn Thiên Hải posted at Mar 29, 2017 8:23 am

Blizzard Entertainment has announced new trailer featuring Cassia, Heroes of the Storm's next hero. She's based on the Diablo 2 Amazon, using a Javelin-based build that focuses on lightning strikes, blinds and weird pulls.

After shattering the Worldstone, the young Amazon Cassia had changed. She had seen hatred, terror, and destruction firsthand. To survive the coming darkness, she has now begun her training in the Nexus!

Primary Abilities:

Avoidance (Trait):

When moving unmounted, Cassia gains 65 Physical Armor against Heroic Basic Attacks, reducing the damage taken by 65%.

Lightning Fury (Q):

Hurl a javelin that damages the first enemy hit, and splits perpendicularly into two lightning bolts that deal damage to enemies in their paths.

Blinding Light (W):

After 0.5 seconds, Blind enemies in theContinue Reading
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Zul'jin Spotlight – The troll warlord is coming to Heroes of the Storm

By: RabbitFootTV posted at Jan 04, 2017 12:21 pm

Zul'jin is the latest hero announced for Blizzard's MOBA Heroes of the Storm. The troll warlord is a ranged assassin with the ability to regenerate health and berserk mode, allowing him to attack faster while he is wounded.

Zul'jin made his first appearance in Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. He is a warlord of the Amani forest trolls and the chieftain of the Amani tribes.

"Before the elves and their Alliance, the forests of Lordaeron belonged to the trolls of the Amani empire. As their warlord, Zul’jin has united the tribes into an army that stands ready to take back what is theirs and to slay the elves who stole it from them. Ever keen to hone his skill and sharpen his deadly axes, Zul’jin now joins us as the newest ranged assassin Hero to enter the Nexus!"

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Guest said:95 cent per hour lol loool

Heroes Brawl Review

By: Mimiron posted at Oct 16, 2016 5:15 am

Heroes Brawl is a new game mode that's added to the game on October 18. It is about breaking all the conventional rules of the game and I've been playing with it for a while on the PTR and here's a personal review based on my observation.

A Big Time Saver

Two rounds need to be won for your team to win the brawl. Each round takes only 5 minutes.

Hero Pick

Regardless of which Hero you own, at the pick screen, you can choose from three randomly shuffle-picked Heroes that you will be playing every round.


Different modifiers affect the Brawl. There's a small chance that all friends & enemies will be the same Hero, such as 5vs5 Nova, Zeratul, Alarak or even Sgt. Hammer. Then there's an additional chance for teams to have the same Hero twice.

Talents & Heroics

This is where f

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Guest said:shining.yang@energizer.com

Heroes Of The Storm – A Look At The New Brawl Mode

By: RabbitFootTV posted at Oct 12, 2016 8:41 am

The new Brawl mode is available on PTR and is coming live next week. Each players gets to choose from 3 random heroes in a best-of-three match and face the enemy team in this new really fun mode.

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8 Reasons Why You Should Try Playing HotS

By: Mimiron posted at Sep 27, 2016 4:59 pm

If you haven't played Heroes of the Storm yet, here are some good reasons why you definitely should give it a go.

1. The Company Behind It

Blizzard delivers really quality games. World of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch... The company has been in the gaming industry for years and knows how to develop great game titles.

2. New to MOBA

If you're new to the MOBA genre, Heroes of the Storm is great to get you started. Some call it MOBA for noobs, since the game is simplified and casual-friendly.

3. Hero Diversity

The game has an insane Hero diversity. There are Heroes with very unique playstyle such as the Lost Vikings where you control three separate units at once whereas every unit can be in a different lane, doing various stuff on the field of battle. Then we have Aba

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Guest said:Just to clarify #2 it isn\'t as easy as everyone seems it to be. the game is very rotation based and requires a lot of communication and coordination to effectively play the game.

Heroes of the Storm: Alarak Guide

By: Mimiron posted at Sep 18, 2016 8:28 am

Alarak is out for a week and it's time to look at the Hero in a more detailed spotlight. This guide serves as an information source for Alarak gameplay. It contains gameplay tips, talent builds, raw data (win chance / popularity) and more useful information.

An Introduction to Alarak

Alarak is a melee assassin from the Starcraft universe. His role is to control the fields of battle by manipulating player positioning to his advantage. While he excels at picking up Heroes, he is a rather weak and unreliable wave/mercenary camp clearer.


According to HotsLogs after one week of Alarak in the Nexus, the Hero's win chance reached only 36.7% and his popularity is at 8%. A total of over 6,300 games was played. Numbers clearly tell use Alarak is a really niche-specific Hero, not designed

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Heroes of the Storm Season 2 Changes & Rewards

By: Mimiron posted at Sep 11, 2016 1:42 pm

The second Season in Heroes of the Storm will start soon and Blizzard has unveiled upcoming rewards that include various portraits, mounts and based on players' feedback there are changes coming to promotion and demotion matches as well.

Season 2 Roll

When to expect Season 2 to hit live servers? Season 2 starts during the Week of September 12, 2016. The Season will come to a close during the Week of December 12, 2016, so roughly speaking it will last 3 months.

Grand Master League Changes

Blizzard wants to make the Grand Master rank feel more prestigious and something very hard to achieve that's why the maximum number of Grand Masters allowed in Hero League will be reduced to 200 (down from 500).

Promotion / Demotion Match Changes

Matches will award / remove the same amount of points as

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Heroes Of The Storm – Season 2 Coming Out This Week

By: RabbitFootTV posted at Sep 11, 2016 10:49 am

According to Blizzard the second Season of Heroes Of The Storm is coming out this week and will last 3 months. The new season comes along with the new Starcraft hero Alarak and the new Starcraft themed battleground Braxis Holdout. Players who will participate in the new season will get an Elemental Lion mount as a reward and a new portrait. Also there will be changes in Grand Master League and in Promotion and Demotion matches.


As Season 1 played out this Summer, we began to feel that Grand Master League’s 500-player limit may be a little too broad, and also saw this sentiment mirrored in some corners of the Heroes community. We want Grand Master League to feel more prestigious —a ranking that even very skilled players will have to work hard to achieve. In order

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Heroes of the Storm: Alarak & Zarya Gameplay First Look

By: Mimiron posted at Aug 24, 2016 4:27 pm

With the revelation of the forthcoming Starcraft event, which has been long foretold by Axolotl, Alarak will be added to the game next. The next Hero to follow is Zarya from Overwatch, being the second Hero after Tracer to join the Nexus roster. Time frames are indicated below.

Grubby had the chance to try out both of the new Heroes at Gamescom. Below is a footage of Alarak gameplay.


His trait is that he deals 100% more ability damage to Heroes. His next ability is a silence in his front cone after a 0.5 sec delay. Telekinesis is his "W" skill. He can pull enemies from point A to point B. An interesting thing to note about Alarak is that his Telekineses skill is the first skill in game to have vector targeting. More skills could follow in the future. Closing is his "E" is

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