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Yulgang 2 Open Beta First Look

By: Scion Storm posted at Jan 14, 2014 10:55 pm

I didn't know what to expect with this game. So I had an open mind coming into reviewing it. After the first 18 levels of this game. I can honestly say this is an honest to god Blade and Soul clone. With some new things added into it like a deeper combo system. And a farm home dimension system that could be great. If they don't let the cash shop ruin it. A downer to me on this title is it's kind of dark raining looking environments.

 Nothing seems to pop at you when you play. Other then that it seems to be more of the same mmo's we have. Remixed in a different way for the theme of the title. If you can't play Blade and Soul China or don't want to. Give this a try in the meantime.

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Guest said:yulgang 2 fail

A Very Brief Look at Yulgang 2

By: Brushy posted at Dec 31, 2013 8:09 pm

as some people know, i have some free time every week in my gaming schedule during BnS maintenances to try something new or to pen down stuff. Yulgang 2 is conducting their CBT over these 2 weeks (this being the 2nd week), and im happy to be offered a key. when i first searched about this game, the first thing i noticed was that people were commenting on how Yulgang 2 is a mirror of Blade and Soul, and that got me interested. any game that tried to mimic another usually ends up failing bad. when players get introduced to a new style of gameplay for the first time, they normally go crazy about it if it does actually work (if it's bad of course people gna quit). but when another game does it again, no matter how much more refined the system is in the new game, it will seldom exceed its pre

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Aeiivine said:The stamina system which dictates how long you can use air run etc will become longer as you level up and have better equips. I could fly across half a map when I was lvl 45. As for the graphics, did ...

Yulgang 2 - Product Manager Interview

By: ExcEsc posted at Oct 28, 2013 9:25 pm

We got the chance to chat with Ryan Mendoza, Product Manager for Yulgang 2 in the Cubizone booth at Pinoy Gaming Festival 2013.

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xLuz said:Is cubizone a publisher from philiphine ?

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