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My Start to Phantasy Star Series

By: MapleTire posted at Jun 02, 2012 6:32 am

Starting to follow the Phantasy Star crowd, I wish I never did! Sega's take of RPG and MMO and I think it's apparent that Sega is competing to start taking your money! As a PS2 owner, I grabbed a copy of both Phantasy Star Universe and it's expansion. It offers a story mode however due to the server shutting down, the game is unable to connect online. I also have a Dreamcast and a copy of Phantasy Star Online which I should play.

Thus being Sega, they're making every effort to popularize the game on other platforms like the PC and PSP, along with the upcoming Vita. I think there alot that goes in the games and spin off however I shouldn't really care about it.

I really love the art directions of the games thou. It's your typical J-Pop in fashion, music and style.

I think it's interesting to note that it's made from the Sonic Team, the same folks that created Sonic!
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Lessons in Game Design: Phantasy Star Universe

By: Zanpakutou posted at Feb 04, 2012 9:40 pm
Lessons in game design is a series of articles that I will be writing from time to time. I will point out some unique features that exist in few MMOs as part of something that I considered to make the game great. I will also point out the things that might have screwed the game over. These will mostly be based on games that I have played for an extended amount of time and cover things I may have overlooked in reviews. The first of this is Phantasy Star Universe, one of my favorite MMOs. I will probably look into Atlantica Online next.

1) Experience Scaling
One of the things unique to Phantasy Star Universe is that experience required to next level is scaled according to what the cap is. As the max level increases, it becomes easier to level up overall. It will take someone who is at level 1 to get to 100 about just as long as it does someone who starts later to get from level 1 to 150 assuming that 150 is the current level cap. If it takes 400 hours to get from 1 to 150, then expectContinue Reading
Phaseshifter said:I just want PSU2 to come out.

Phantasy Star Universe's Free Course

By: Zanpakutou posted at Jan 25, 2012 3:56 pm

So I just started playing PSU on the Japanese servers because there is a free to play mode with some restrictions on the game and thought I would just comment on the game.The US servers were shut down over a year ago. The 360 version is still around, but it is shared by the US and JP communities. The PC/PS2 versions are only available on the JP servers. Compared to any P2P game, the free course is actually pretty great. You can play most of the game like anyone else and as long as you are in a group with someone who pays for the game, you can almost do everything. It is nice that a P2P game has a F2P mode like this so people can try out the game and pay if they like. If they do not want to, they can choose not to pay.

Among the restrictions in the game, there are a few that stood out to me. The only real problem I have with the free version is that you cannot trade with other players. This just makes it difficult for players who are playing for free to obtain items. The shops on

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Bout' me

By: Cr1ms0nBl00d posted at Aug 11, 2009 9:39 pm

Phantasy Star Universe is a really Addicting game DONT TRY UNLESS YOU WANT CERTAIN DEATH (XD)



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Sega's Phantasy Star Universe Getting Cash Shop

By: Zanpakutou posted at Feb 09, 2009 2:59 pm

NOTES: PC/PS2 notes that I mention are based on the statistics of the English version, NOT the Japanese version. The Xbox 360 servers are global, that means the US/EU play with the Japanese unlike the PC/PS2 version. However, the information I have on PC/PS2 is dated because I haven't played it in 3 months or so. Also, traditionally, only special events such as Maximum Attack G (MAG) and rare missions give out higher exp and drop rates.

This is one of the recent updates posted at Sega's official Japanese Phantasy Star Universe website


This is a graph showing the number of players on Phantasy Star Universe for the last year. The US PC/PS2 servers has about 300 active players during peak hours down from around 500-600 during its peak hours just a bit over a year ago.

In the last year, the population has dropped significantly even with the release of Phantasy Star Portable. One of the reasons behind this is Sega's constant screw ups within the last year. In December of 2007, a few hackers were allowed to run rampant on the PC/PS2 servers and even crashed many players. This continued for about 2 weeks before Sega employees came back from their

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AkatsukiSwordmaster said:sega screwed up big time...

Phantasy Star Universe Review

By: Zanpakutou posted at Oct 04, 2008 10:55 am

Phantasy Star Universe (PSU) is the follow up to SEGA's last popular action MMORPG dungeon crawler thing called Phantasy Star Online (PSO) and Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst (PSO:BB). The game is basically broken down into dungeon crawling with a small group of people who are either Warriors, Gunners, or Mages. PSU was released a few years back and through elaborate schemes has managed to provide weekly updates and remained quite popular. Most of the files necessary in their "updates" are contained in the installation already. They just make a small patch to unlock some of the content each week to seem like there are updates every week.  If you play on Xbox, you have voice chat but are on separate servers from the PC and PS2 versions. Normal PSU and the Ambition of the Illuminous (AoTI) expansion play on the same servers but normal PSU players are capped at level 100 and can't access any of the new missions or content which remain AoTI exclusive. All AoTI exclusive content is displayed in yellow letters instead of white.

The story is broken down into 3 parts. Phantasy Star Portable fits in as Episode 1.5. Ambition of the Illuminous takes place in Episode 2 a

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AsianKitty said:Lame...i mean the game is actually worth it...XD...because of the community not the gameplay it self XD

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