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Nanbo's Star Conflict Review

By: Nanbo posted at Apr 01, 2015 1:28 am

Hello MMOSITE fans. This review is going to cover a space fighting sim that has been through some major development and seems to have floated under the radar recently. Star Conflict is a space fighting simulator that is developed by Tar Gem Games and published by Gaijin games. The title just went into season 2 and has 2 major co-publishers, ARC (perfect world) and Steam. Is this game worth your time or does it disappear into the black hole of endless bad games? Read on to find out!



 I have a pre season 2 early open beta account. And I did not understand the game back then. It was punishing and I tossed around in a frag fest, so I left my account as it was. Now, a year or more later, I have reinstalled and man what a difference!

The install can be done directly from t

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Guest said:i was too confused wen i returned to the game, my bad ,_,

Star Conflict Live Launch 1.0 Impression

By: Scion Storm posted at Sep 09, 2014 6:55 pm

Main Site and Registration

Star Conflict has gone live version 1.0. I'm not one for dog fighting in games. But I like dog fighting in this game. Because even though I have a noob starter ship. The ship handles like it's an endgame ship. Which makes me wonder how the improved ships handle? 

Star Conflict at its core. Is a pvp oriented space combat mmo. However, it does have a pve mode. In fact to get to the good pvp in the game. You will have to deal with the pve mode a bit. So you can level properly to take on the more fun pvp modes.

The combat is what I always would have wanted in a Star Wars game. Only that here we will never see the iconic space craft. 


Nice visuals and effects
The Sound is pretty solid
PVP dogfighting is fun and easy to get into
Starter gear is actually pret

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Guest said:yeah, i wish space was this bright :D

Star Conflict hits Open Beta

By: Zevri posted at Jul 24, 2012 7:04 pm


Star Conflict, which is a new space themed MMO, has announced that it has hit Open Beta for all who want to participate. Also good news for those who are interested in these types of games, but never heard of this one, it will be free to play. The only bad thing about the announcement of that model is that they haven't said much on how the free to play will work, so it is an unknown at this point, they have said however that there won't be any limitations placed for those who go free, they just need to spend longer training their character . 

The game is also PvP based, meaning that there is no PvE at all and works in a lobby based system which pits two teams against each other in a 16 vs.16 man fight. 

As for features in the game, this is what they have release

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