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War of The Immortals open Beta First Impressions!

By: GeorgeWashington posted at Dec 18, 2011 5:50 am

Whats up MMOSite.com, Im Zach Sharpes as always here for this site favorite MMO develeper Perfect World Entertainment *End Sarcasm*, but no really, War Of The Immorals has just launched into Open Beta and I thought, why not check it out? In this Open Beta gameplay, I will tell you what I think about the game, and how it compares to the Closed Beta. Hated the Item mall? Well from the looks of it they lowered the Pay to Winness. 

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War Of The Immortals Closed Beta First Impressions/Review!

By: GeorgeWashington posted at Nov 17, 2011 2:21 am


Whats up MMOSite.com, as always im Zach Sharpes this time here to give you all a first impressions look at War of the Immortals, a 3D over the top styled MMORPG developed and published by Perfect World. This is ONLY a First Impressions look, I dont review closed beta games even know most Perfect World games dont change, I dont want to give a game a bad rep when you're supose to be testing it for improvements.

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Guest said:No, Take that shit back to China.

War of the Immortals [Closed Beta Test]

By: ~Zephyra~ posted at Nov 11, 2011 1:03 am


After being delayed twice War of the Immortals finally reaches CBT phase. War of the Immortals is a MMORPG that has a RTS eagle's eye view. People have compared this game to Diablo 3 and although they look similar at times it's actually quite different.

Character Selection

First off the Character Creation is pretty limited. There is preset faces, preset hair, and you are able to select classes, and your zodiac. In the Character creation page you are unable to zoom in or out on your character and that's a feature most people would want. Hair choices are also plain and don't offer different hair colors. Users have an option of picking one of the 8 classes. Berzerker, Magus, Champion, Heretic, Slayer, Duelist, Ranger, and Enchanter. Classes are general MMORPG roles even so War of the

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AresPL said:I am kinda surprised, did U play BoI? while I could give BoI 7 more likely 6, then this game is worser for me, only thing that players point as better is bigger amount of available classes

War of the Immortals CBT Kicks off and my first day playing

By: Zevri posted at Nov 09, 2011 7:37 pm

 So the beta is finally here, and I jumped in it as it started with one of my friends, this time not Irving, but Adam. So starting off we picked our classes, he went with the close range Duelist, and I with the long ranged mage. In total there is eight classes you can choose from, all but one is non-gender locked. The only one that is gender locked is the Enchanter aka Enchantress.

Starting off the game went in the horrible 4:3 resolution and I was quickly able to change it. There isn’t a lot of depth to the graphic editor, but there is one feature that bothered me to turn on. The ‘Glow’ feature which does tend to make things look a bit more, bright, but it also seems to blur it as well, which is a bit of a downer for me. It actually hurt my eyes to stare at the glow

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Zevri said:I will be playing it another day or two before writing the full first impression article, still trying to get a feel for more features of the game.

War of the Immortals CBT, looks like it's actually happening this time

By: Zevri posted at Nov 08, 2011 9:11 pm

That’s right, it looks like they’re actually serious about releasing the CBT this time. Wasn’t enough they already pushed it back twice during the day it was supposed to be released, but this time they gave us a timer.

As this post gets put up, the counter is around 18 hours (almost 19) and counting down. This at least gives us when it will be released. For those who didn’t read my previous posts on this, this is actually my next project to write about, and my next first impression article, my last was a review of Fallen Earth, and I was lucky that the producer (GamersFirst) plugged it on their facebook, so I hope this gets the same treatment.

This also pushes back my Wind Slayer 2 write up, and kills my Star Trek Online playtime, though for that I may be picking up c

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War of the Immortals CBT pushed back...again

By: Zevri posted at Nov 01, 2011 8:53 pm

So….wow. I was prepared before, now again, and now I need to wait even more? For those of you who didn’t check their site, they pushed back the War of Immortals closed beta again, this time it is set to Nov.9th. Though, with the pace they’re going at thus far, I won’t hold my breath if that date holds.

So in lieu of that fact, I have to change what game I am going to write on next. Instead of working on War of the Immortals, since I can’t right now, I will instead be trying out Wind Slayer 2.  I hope my luck doesn’t come into play and have them have issues as well or end closed beta while I am trying it out. 

Source on the cbt news: woi.perfectworld.com/news/

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War of the Immortals Closed Beta Delayed

By: Lion NY posted at Oct 26, 2011 12:27 am

Today PWE announced that War of the Immortals , which was supposed to launch into closed beta, has been delayed until Nov 2nd.  The reason for the delay is so they can add some additional content to the it.

WoI is the follow up to Battle of the Immortals which was only launched a little over a year earlier and features 8 classes, destructible environments, territory wars, a pet system and much more.

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War of Immortals Delayed...

By: Unfinishedx posted at Oct 25, 2011 9:45 pm


 Source: War of Immortals

 "An important update on the War of Immortals Closed Beta!

 As the fog of war begins to clear and the armies of both good and evil move into place, the time for action is almost upon  us. As soldiers of Motenia you know closed beta was scheduled to be launched on October 25, 2011, but unfortunately  this will not be the case. In order to add some additional content we have decided to push back the launch of Closed Beta  to November 2, 2011. We realize that this will cause players to have to wait a little longer to finally get in, but I promise that  it will add a tremendous amount of value to the game.

 Thank you for your patience and we look forward to the release next week!"


Have you ever waited

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Coder said:Everyone is also welcomed on our fansite at www.warofimmortals.com :)

Waiting For CBT to Begin!

By: Unfinishedx posted at Oct 24, 2011 10:29 pm

It's almost October 25th which means War of Immortals CBT is about to release, not saying its a GREAT game compared to other games or anything but, personally I like testing new games and seeing how it differs from all the other games. Apparently it might be similar to Battle of Immortals, but I never tried that either so, never know... Might actually like it.

Right now I'm just sittin on the floor...where I sleep QQ, doing my Psychology notes, reading people rage all over the War of Immortal forum because Perfect World has yet to release the Download link for it. 

Personally, I think these people need to chill out... I mean they know that CBT soo that means

  1. Character Wipe-Out : So rushing levelings to be on top is kind of pointless
  2. Guinea Pigs : From my definition of "CBT" It
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