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What is The Chosen?

By: TheChosenGame posted at Oct 18, 2011 1:13 pm

China's five greatest Dynasties have been brought together to uncover The Chosen, the Hero who will defeat Evil and unite the Three Kingdoms. Control your fate, organize alliances, and lead your friends and allies to victory in our revolutionary Dynasty vs. Dynasty warfare. Sign up now and prove to the world that you are The Chosen!



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The Chosen - With a new server comes an event

By: Zevri posted at Oct 08, 2011 7:48 pm


Alright, so I posted about contests that gaming companies have been holding, in which you could win actual physical goods. So to keep with this pace, I bring you another one, this one is by Snail Games, which from my dealing with them, and they have some good guys working there. The contest is for their mmo, The Chosen.

A quick bit for those of you who never heard of the game, it is a Dynasty vs. Dynasty pvp mmorpg game, so if you’re not into pvp games, you may want to give this a pass. Graphically the game doesn't look top notch, and does remind me a bit of more generic mmos I have seen in the past, but if I have learned anything, you should never judge a game purely by its graphics.

This event comes with the announcement of their new server, Rally. Both this new server and eve

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pridelandbengals said:Game over FATALKIL of qin on rally has become the first CHOSEN on RALLY.Gratz!

The Chosen invites you to their first wedding, (bring a gift)

By: Mandifesto posted at Jul 15, 2011 9:42 am


Tonight as the sun sets over Ming Imperial City, the players of The Chosen will gather at the Wedding Area for a very special event.  You see, two lovers will unite their lives together for the first time in the game.  We've heard about these sorts of in-game marraiges before, but this one is unique in a couple of ways.  First, this is a marriage between two players who met playing MMOs years ago, and who have been dating in real life.

Meet Baby and odis, the lovely couple, who are excited to be the first couple to take advantage of The Chosen's marriage system, which will give them benefits (but not in that way, dirty mind!) when grouping together.

The ceremony will take place this evening at 5:30 pm PDT, and all are invited.  Wear something formal, but get ready

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Guest said:Good to see the GM\'s using the marriage system to show it off.. It\'s clear that these players do not truly exist.. I\'ve seen it with my own eyes..

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