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OZ World Online

By: prettyjenn posted at Mar 28, 2009 7:34 pm

one of the best free-to-play online games which became really close to my heart is OZ WORLD ONLINE. i have been playing this game since 2003. i used to play the local version of this game but moved to the global version--OZ WORLD ONLINE--when it was released. this game offers a very good community for everyone.

Official Site: oz.ongameport.com

MMOsite Game INFO: http://gamelist.mmosite.com/g/Oz%20World.shtml

below is a flash entry of some of what OZ WORLD ONLINE has in its community. click each component to know more about what the game offers. the components: OZ WORLD ( basic info), JEWEL SYSTEM, CAPSULE and ITEM SHOP, EMOTIONS and CHAT, OPTIONS CONTROLS; and INFO. the video is also playable. just click it. have fun.

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Zukes said:All you can do is fish. Honestly, it's not the best game. Cool that you like it though.

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