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webzen poor customer service

By: hayabussarider posted at Feb 23, 2012 6:31 pm

Hello readers ,

I am here to tell you about WEBZEN  and their poor customer support, and a major security flaw , that has been on going for 2 years now.

Over the past 2 years WEBZEN staff have been told about a log-in authentication issue , where players log into their own accounts and just happen to get on someone elses. They choose to ignore the issue for 6+ months as there was no signifact proof as it happened so randomly it was hard to get proof. A simple screen shot never really proved anyhting.

With players telling them of the issue they say they are working on it etc yet no annoucment has ever been made regaring the issue, This happens in all WEBZEN games in their europe and north american site for MU S.U.N and ARCHLORD.

With archlord this is a huge security risk as people are able to delete any charcter as webzen had removed the password verification when you clicked the delete button. Not only is this a security risk but 100's of players have lost valuable items , t

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Guest said:Eu quero saber, como faço para mexer no cartão como usa-lo quando ao adentrar no jogo eu possa estar utilizando o mesmo (Cartão) para passar a senha e ir para o jogo, isso que eu quero saber.... ...

Webzen R2 Pre-CBT Released

By: xShyren posted at Sep 09, 2011 12:29 am

R2 Pre-CBT SEP 7th, 2011 (GST) ~ SEP 21st, 2011 (GST)

Webzen has annouced the PRE-CBT Date for their latest MMORPG R2.  Below will be some details about the game. The PRE-CBT Starts on the 7th of september and will end on the 21st of september.

R2 offers 5 classes with their own unique gameplay, style and abilities.

1. Knight


After ruining peers by force, Knights became the new ruling power whom are strong at close combat. Only Using Close range weapons made one‟ s body like a steel with Physical training and ascetics.

 2. Ranger


Most of rangers are commoners whom are specialized in both long Ranged weapons and close range battle. No one can disregard them with their agile movement from real experience and good with various weapons.

3. Elf

Owner of this land before huma

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