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By: yyemily23 posted at Jul 21, 2014 2:21 am
Hello, everybody, I am new here, I like playing phone games. Hope I can find some friends with common interests.  By the way, recently, I have played one interesting game Battle Of The Saints II, it is a relatively new game,but very exciting. But technically, it is a little bit challenging, at least for me. I hope you guys can have a try , it's really worth playing! here is the download link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cn.matrixgame.thesaints2RUContinue Reading
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Brawl Busters' Top Gem Update featuring Ranked Matches

By: ExcEsc posted at Dec 03, 2012 6:11 pm
Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. announced today the launch of its newest update – “Top Gem” - for its free-to-play multiplayer action-combat game, Brawl Busters.  This update releases the highly anticipated feature of ranked matches as well as festive holiday outfits for Brawlers!   Download and play the game for free at www.BrawlBusters.com! 
Players will finally find out where they really stand in the Buster hierarchy!  With new ranked matches, Busters will have to defeat their rivals to boost their Gem Score and earn their spot in the legendary Emerald Rank.  Ranked matches not only intensify the competitive factor of the game but players will be rewarded handsomely for their wins! 
As players climb the ranks of Mega City, they’ll need to dress the part! New “Sunburst Rebels” outfits are inspired by a secret revolutionary society and will help Busters channel their brave spirits and overthrow even the mightiest powers.  Get into the holiday spirit eContinue Reading
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Brawl Busters Expands With “the 16th Warrior”

By: ExcEsc posted at Aug 11, 2012 12:33 am
Rock Hippo Productions announced today that Brawl Busters, the popular multiplayer brawler, has launched an exciting new update, “The 16th Warrior”. This raucous update will raise player limits; introduce gameplay features and a new map. Players can download and play the game for free at www.BrawlBusters.com/splash. ;

“The 16th Warrior” ups the ante on this wickedly cool action-combat game by increasing player limits in Team and Versus modes to a staggering 16! Players can now brawl it out with or against 15 other players. For those who enjoy more intimate brawling, a new map Midnight Arena has been introduced for one-on-one duels and the character level cap has been increased. Players can now level up their Busters all the way up to level 40, up from 25.

In addition, the new update will debut two new features that promise to raise the brawling action to the next level.  No more waiting: with new Intrusion feature players can jump right in to join brawls already in progress. New ObsContinue Reading
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Brawl Busters a game with promise?

By: octopusx posted at Dec 17, 2011 10:42 am

As many of you may have heard, Brawl Busters a game by  Rockhippo productions, which is the same company behind the smashing title MicroVolts, has gone to official release on 14.12. 2011.

I have played this game a bit when it was still in closed beta and it showed promise, yet needed improvement as many other titles which are in the beta stages of development. But I must say, that yesterday when I loaded up the game, joined a random room and played a round or two, I was mesmerized, amazed and completely blown away by how fun it was.

The client download is suprisingly small for what the game has to offer (300MB) and you don't need a brand spanking new PC to run it smoothly either. I think any dual core, 2 GB of RAM and a 8600GT would give you sufficient frames when maxed.

The design of m

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Brawl Buster OBT Opens November 3rd

By: Unfinishedx posted at Oct 28, 2011 1:24 pm


Have you always wanted to play as a Boxer with their boxing gloves, a Firefighter their hoses, a Rocker with their guitars, a Slugger with their baseball bats and baseballs, or even a Biltzer with their football gear and footballs, to own both other players or even zombies?

The Brawl Busters, a casual MMO, is the game for you! Brawl Buster allows players to play different characters with their own unique sense of style, not one class is better than the other, it is mostly based upon how you, the player, uses their skills, dodges, and techniques to win the game.

Brawl Buster provides online multiplayer matches, where you may play against other players in different maps, but it also has single player and co-op mode where you would take upon mission to destory evil!

The Open Beta will begi

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