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Asda 2 Dungeon & Pet Update!

By: Asda 2 posted at Aug 21, 2011 10:33 pm
Hello Asda 2! Another update is upon us, with lots in store for the lower levels, and especially pet lovers! These updates hit Asda 2 this Tuesday, 8/23! See below for the details.
  New Dungeon: Deckron LabThe Deckron Army has been performing experiments on the world’s monsters in their lab near Rein River. These experiments have produced monsters that are stronger than usual, and some of those mutated monsters have even escaped from the lab! It seems this is why we are seeing mutated monsters while hunting in the fields.
This new dungeon is intended for parties of 2-3 players, and has 4 wings intended for different level ranges. The entire level range of this dungeon is from 15~30. New quests will be provided as you reach the proper levels which will lead you in to each dContinue Reading
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Asda 2 Flammio, Pets, and Style Shop Update

By: Asda 2 posted at Jul 22, 2011 7:36 pm

Hello Asda 2!

Today we'd like to bring you some previews about the upcoming updates on July 26th. It's quite a large update, so let's get started!

Inferos Continent: Flammio has arrived!
The first part of the Inferos continent is coming! The area features the Sandran Tribe's village, Flammio, with its surrounding field area, a brand new field map Flammio Plains, and the Mt. Flamion dungeon. The monsters in this area consist primarily of Sandran tribe traitors, parrots, machines, slimes, and golems. The area contains over 100 new quests and new repeatable quests for levels 50~55. The Flammio section of the Faction War will also be available for levels 50~69.


Pet System: Collect some new friends!
The Pet System (Part 1) will bring 11 pets for you to collect, each w

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Asda 2: Blacksmith & Silaris Preview!

By: Asda Story posted at May 03, 2011 6:36 pm

It's time for your second official preview! Today we'll briefly cover the systems the Blacksmith has to offer, an upgrade system video preview, and a before and after look at Silaris! CBT is in only a couple days, so you can check this out and more starting May 5th! http://asda2.gamescampus.com


Asda 2's Blacksmith Features
Several systems have now been outsourced to the Blacksmiths of Tales Kingdom, encouraging you to come back to town and socialize while you take care of things. Here's a quick look at what they are now able to do:

Item Unbinding: Items which have been worn can be unbound using a special premium item. The amount of scrolls used is decided by the item.

Item Crafting: Crafting is now done at the blacksmith. For those familiar with Asda Story's current upgrade system,

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Guest said:Doesn\'t look like anything close to new or special...

Asda 2: Avatar Preview & Alpen Tour!

By: Asda Story posted at Apr 23, 2011 1:01 am

Today we bring you the first official preview post for Asda 2! This is actually taken off of the Asda 2 Forums, where news will be posted every Friday, then brought here the following week! Want the latest right away? Be sure to bookmark and check out the Asda 2 Forums!

CBT is on May 5! Check these out and more! http://asda2.gamescampus.com

This time we have some quick information on the Avatar system, along with a screenshot preview of the all new Alpen. Read on!

Asda 2's New Avatar System
Asda has always been known for its beautiful and large selection of costumes, but there has always been some sacrifice along with looking great. The avatar system changes that, allowing you to wear costumes to replace the look of your armor while still keeping your armor on!

Ever wanted to pluck those wi

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Aliwind said:graphic looks not bad

Asda 2 is on the way!

By: Asda Story posted at Apr 09, 2011 2:13 am

Cross Posted from Alpeon.net! Original post on 4/9/2011

Hello Alpeon!

It's been a long time! Due to recent priorities, there hasn't been much for me to post about Asda Story, and if I had posted about my weeks you would have been hearing "I was working on some stuff I can't talk about" all the time. How boring!

But now the secrets all become clear. Asda 2, known as AsdaR in Korea, is coming to GamesCampus!
CBT starts on May 5th, so be sure to sign up at the official Asda 2 page!

I've been going crazy wanting to post stuff about it and not being allowed! Now that I get to...there's so much I want to say! But I guess I better string this out over a few weeks instead of giving all the good stuff right away ;D By the way...new background and logo to match Asda 2 for the moment! Look

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Zanpakutou said:the graphics doesn\'t look like it changed all that much. its still quite below standards compared to most other MMOs.

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