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Grimlands Closed Beta Test 2

By: ExcEsc posted at Dec 02, 2012 5:08 pm
Last November 30, Gamigo's post-apocalyptic Shooter-MMO, Grimlands, enters the next phase of closed beta testing. The servers will stay open until Wednesday the 5th so that all content and changes can be thoroughly examined.

Beta testers can look forward to around three-times as much game content. There are mercenaries and mutants to fight in far-off settlements which they have taken control of. In addition to this the number of dungeons has grown to 23. With the new version there's been a comprehensive renewal of the interface, substantially more intelligent opponents, a reworked shooter feeling, and improved graphic effects.

  • An overview of all important changes:
  • New regions unlocked
  • Completely new interface
  • Improved graphics
  • Optimized performance
  • Reworked shooter feeling
  • New enemy AI

A total of 10,000 players have been chosen for the CBT2. Whoever wants to take part should register quickly for free on the official website.

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Grimlands starts CBT - First wave of invites goes out

By: Zevri posted at Apr 26, 2012 3:34 pm

Grimlands Homesite

Grimlands, which is a new shooter MMO from gamigo and is set in a post-apocalyptic world has sent out the first wave of closed beta invites. Yep, wave, that means that even if you sign up for the beta now, you may still have a chance to get into the game in one of the other waves of invites - luckily I managed to get into the first wave.

Oddly enough even thought the game is in it's first wave, it so far feels and seems like it is still in the alpha stages. The first hint to that is the download link they gave to beta participants goes to the alpha folder on their server, the other is the character creation system. The current stage of the character creation system is, in short, "work in progress". In fact it actually says that when you go to it. By work in prog

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