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Waren Story - Closed beta experience

By: Tony259 posted at Jun 26, 2012 7:00 pm

Now I've only even bothered to play this game for about 4 hours or so, fiddling with all 4 of the classes, so I'll be giving my experience on this game which really, is quite bad, I think that this game was released quite a while back and may have shut down? and from what I know, it will be coming back again and this is the version that I'm playing. (feel free to correct me or give me it's history)

So let me start off with the camera with this game, it's a damn pain, it does not rotate smoothly at all, if anything it's just horrible, perhaps it was mainly because I was playing on windows mode, but why should that be an issue? when I'm playing games I actually like to be on windows mode so I can do other things without having to minimize, so yeah the main problem is the fact that i

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