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Three Kingdoms Brawler CB Review

By: Zanpakutou posted at Apr 14, 2011 7:43 am

I'm interested in these aciton side scrolling MMOs, but unfortunately, many of them are the same. You have fixed gender and character classes and a fatigue system. With some luck the one you play will have job changes available to produce a bit of variety. For this review, I primarily played as the Phoenix class. Like all games I review, I will focus on the PvE aspects rather than PvP. In my philosophy, a good PvP game cannot exist without a good PvE. Why? If PvP is considered the endgame content, PvE is the journey there. If the journey is long and boring, people will never get to the end.


The game follows the story of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. You start at the early battles of the Yellow Turban Rebellion and it goes from there chronologically. They even give you the o

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Guset said:It\'s not too similar to dfo. It IS dfo, right down to the skills, classes and general npc functions.

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