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Piercing Blow - First Impression/Quick Overview; Classic Shooter

By: KradisZ posted at May 29, 2015 4:48 am

Hey guys this is my first impression or quick overview of Piercing Blow, AKA Project Blackout AKA Point Blank AKA it's been released in many regions fyi.

The game itself has some old graphics but that isn't a dealbreaker for me since graphics are secondary compared to gameplay. Gameplay for the most part reminds me a lot of Counter Strike 1.6 and old day shooters where there weren't gimmicks like iron sights, or prone and the like or inhumanly perks along with regenerative hp where a soldier could swallow 1000 bullets as long as he took a bullet in the head or knee once every 5-10 seconds or something.

It's very gritty in the sense that this shooter is literally the basics. Pure uncut crack cocaine shooter.

I get that the graphics are a little old but if graphics turn you off, I don'

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Nanbo said:A year ago I was in a FPS mode, eating up every F2P title testing it em for months. I was an old IJI AVA fan, but it got ruined under Areia games. But, these \"dime a dozen\" games are prtty interesti...

Piercing Blow First Impressions

By: Ammunition posted at May 28, 2015 5:49 pm

Well after playing piercing blow I realized it was almost the same game as project blackout. Very little has changed in the gameplay mechanics as the spray pattern and how the game is, still feel the same. But the biggest thing that was an improvement to the game is the server stability. Way back when, the servers would usually flood and many of your shots wouldn't register correctly, but now it doesn't feel as laggy as before.

If you want to check out this game click here to directly go to the main site

Upon downloading this game, I was hit with only 2 gb of file size which makes sense because this game was made so that it can run on many systems. Even if you have a very old PC, you can still run the game on the highest graphic setting and still play at 60 fps. Afte

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Ammunition said:After putting more days of playing then I will surely put a fully extended review with everything I think is important. Right now this is my first impressions and I hope to see you guys ingame in the ...

Project Blackout to Piercing blow, should I go?

By: Ammunition posted at May 27, 2015 9:02 pm

I just started seeing Piercing Blow appear all over many game sites nowadays and I was wondering what was all the hype about. Apparently project blackouts developer Zepetto changed it to provide a more reliable service. But looking at it again, piercing blow doesn't look any different than what project blackout left it as. Don't get me wrong, I haven't played the "new" piercing blow, but I have played project blackout since beta (free death mask was pretty cool). 

Project blackout back in the days was a pretty fun game in a sense that it was more casual for me. Although Project blackout gave more tournament opportunities and community groupings, I never felt motivated to play it competitively. It was something about how the guns feel when I pull the trigger. It is something lik

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Project Blackout - Overview and Interview!

By: AionDarkness posted at Jan 23, 2011 9:18 pm

Please note, the following article is diveded into two portions. The first portion, the overview, is where I mainly talk about the basics of the game and the features. The second portion contains an interview where I get to chat with a GM about the game and maybe even reveal some secrets.


For the 4 years, we've known NtreevUSA as a publishing company based off the Korean counterpart, Ntreev, which developed two of the three games NtreevUSA published: Pangya and Trickster. However, in November, the company we knew as NtreevUSA, had an unexpected announcement. The company had become what is now known as SG Interactive (SmileGate Interactive). With this change, the company promised the same great quality of service but more things were to come such as new games and exciting changes. W

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Cattoc_C said: Good game, better looking and with more inovative maps then Crossfire. 

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