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Lucent Heart 1

By: MisterBD posted at Jun 27, 2011 6:51 am

Mmm, where to begin...Well, My adventures in Lucent Heart have been interesting, to say the least. Cupid is too busy getting drunk to match people nowadays which may be why Psyche Left him. Thankfully the GMs are taking the flak out of it by hosting lots of events and opening the item mall soon so there isn't a Lover's Riot or something. Of course, the inevitable lack of permanent outfits/expansions is already raising ire.

Unfortunately, the guild space is doing far less than I hoped. With all the guilds being near carbon copies of each other and recruiting everyone over 15, few stand out. Most are too obssessed with quests and leveling to pay attention to others besides their loved ones. Nobody runs Star Core Instances anymore either...unless they are quest related. Though, as I said, this probably has more to do with nobody willing to form a party or take time out do something interesting. Even the event participation can suffer at times....though lack of teleportation or

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