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Talesweaver Global is in Open Beta

By: Chisane posted at Jan 26, 2011 9:00 pm

i started playing the game three days ago because a friend wanted to give me a gladiator helm, it has no level requirements and the perfect stats is  4 stab 4 hack 5 defence and 3 magic defence, the one i got had 2 less magic defence but it didn't matter much <3

gathering money was the best choice i ever made in this game, i can't believe i bought a scharn at the lv.70s

binding stones and rares helped me out alot on earning those money, i also made a 60 stab 54 authentic moonlight which is probably one of the best lv.42 weapons made so far.

first time in penine forest (5) it's pretty mobby here so i like it, seems like most of the def styles stay here until lv.90 or even lv.105!!

submarine cave (1) had many monsters and were very easy to kill, it's suggested to hunt here after you

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