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Born to Fire: Ammunition's Review On The Game!

By: Ammunition posted at Nov 11, 2012 7:39 pm

    Playing Born to Fire after it has been released surprised me a whole lot as this was one of those games that I was etching to play. With 5 classes to choose from with each unique weapons, armor, and even abilities I was one of those players who downloaded right away after the release. Just a quick overview, Born To Fire is a free to play MMOFPS that takes a class oriented gameplay to a whole new strategic gameplay. With US and the Russian Federation battling it out in an all out war, there is no mercy in place. It is kill or be killed so prepare yourselves for a tough battle.

    This is one of those games that makes a silent appearance during its closed beta testing. If you come across to this game then it must by either chance,

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Guest said:\"Well when Aeria bought Alliance Valiant Arms from Ijji, I was exited to see another Aeria game sneak its way into the MMOFPS market.\" LOL I WAS EXITED out of that peice of shit game publisher too!...

Born To Fire OverView!

By: Ammunition posted at Oct 23, 2012 8:18 pm

    Recently games such as Ghost Recon Online, District 187, Arctic Combat and now Born To Fire has open there servers for players. Each game with unique aspects to it, Born To Fire is certainly leaning towards the unique side of the FPS world. From the site that has just bought AVA, Aeriagames now has a new FPS MMO on the market.

    Behind the story, as sometime in the future the United States and Russia have become enraged in an all out war against eachother. With no mercy present, the war will be never ending as only the toughest will stand. Get ready to fight because when two sides fight, someone has to die.

    Born to fire has to be one of the most unique games on the market with the class orientated FPS. Similar to

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Guest said:game sucks. pace is slow you\'ll lose out on lags as they can hit you but you can\'t hit them, you need to adjust sensitivity right after you get it or else you\'re a walking mess. shields coupled by ...

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