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ELOA - Bringing back the nuke grind

By: Tony259 posted at Nov 26, 2015 4:55 pm

Try not take the title too seriously as there isn't actually any "grind" in terms of questless and endless mob slaughter for exp, not that it's a bad thing if the grinding is done right in which funny enough this game makes just pounding on mobs for no reason an enjoyable experience.

I've not played many top down view games like Devilian or ELOA at all, so experiencing games like this for me is still something of a fresh feeling to go through as I never really know what kind of content (specifically end game) these games are capable of pulling off, but using something like Devilian as an example for my self I can really see how these 2 games, though obviously very similar in contrast, manage to split them selves apart.

Gameplay and Combat:

I was expecting a bit more from ELOA e

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kinggamerkg said:ahahahah i was about to rekt you\'er review until i finish reading it nice it well done

Elite Lord of Alliance (ELOA) Open Beta time to level

By: Scion Storm posted at Nov 20, 2015 3:50 pm

This one is rather fun as well. And not as easy as I thought it was in the past. If your into grinders with a fun skill system this is for you. So let's jump right into the pro's and con's. This is a very simple easy to get into game;


Triple weapon skill system easy on the fly switching

Nice fight movement in game

Voice acting all over the place, however....(see the con)

Easy Trade Skills I always like that


I hate to have a con and a pro be the same thing. But I have to here...Unfortunately some of the voice acting in this game is aweful. But hey they at least tried?

Loot seems a bit stingy in gear drops. I prefer POE loot over this

Bosses move 3 times faster then you sometimes. Which leads to potion or heal spamming. That's not AI that's just cheap.

Other then you forcing the game doesn't endear itself to teaming. You can pretty much solo everything for a long time.


In concept I'm not sure this game with last long. I want it to because of the co

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ivsa said:Competition these day\'s is hard for games,in MMO world even more,even games like Devilian will need a proper boost to go on at least for few years,knowing lost ark is on the horizon,some of them dese...

Inspirit Boss Hunting Tour (levels 1-20)

By: Nanbo posted at Jul 29, 2015 4:57 am

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my Inspirit (ELOA) Online Review levels 1 – 20. This is half way through the level cap (max is level 40) and we have crossed an entire continent! This game has not changed much from my closed beta review, so I will go over what is more “up front” and what keeps me logging in every day! The dungeons! That sweet sweet progress! So without further delay, here is a review / dungeon guide.

Introduction / Game Play:

Since my last review, not a lot has changed. You still CHANGE CLASSES ON THE GO (including in middle of combat…Which I do often as a boss fighting tactic). You still are on a quest progression by unlocking parts of maps and continuing to take and kill all kinds of creatures as you go on. I like the graphics and the quest story line. I enjoy the “eas

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Viron Law said:Hi Nanbo\'s i love ur review could you do a review on Path of Exile game too? Or you did it already?

Inspirit (ELOA) Online Open Beta Sign Up

By: Nanbo posted at Jul 24, 2015 12:27 am

Open Beta

Registration is now open! You will no longer need a key to create an account on our main website!

Any player who made an account during Closed Beta will not need to create a new account for Open Beta.

Note: Hotmail emails may take 24 hours to send the registration email. If you do not receive the email, try registering again.

Client Download

A new client is available to download from both the EU and the NA website. Downloading it from either website will give the same client.

This new client is not required if you already have a copy of the client. Just patch your client and you will receive the new client files.




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Inspirit Online Another Look

By: Scion Storm posted at Jul 15, 2015 5:14 am

Inspirit Online Main Page

Beta Key Giveaway (Official) Keep it bookmarked. Keys refresh often you need to be fast.

Inspirit Online is a game people like to throw shade at. It's nothing new to be honest. Some times you don't need something new. Me personally I just want to enjoy myself as soon as possible. This game does a good job of that. It also keeps gameplay simple plus enjoyable. Let's be honest this is another Diablo child dungeon crawler. I'll take it though and enjoy the ARGP uprising.


Attacks can combo if done right (Adds a bit of skill into spamming)

Fast Game play no waiting no a lot of travel

Melee is viable late game (Now didn't always be that way especially not in the Korean version)

Good skill customization (allows freedom in builds)

A lot of cool pets to tame

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Nanbo said:Lovin this title. I am glad you have this video. Some troll on my article for this game that said: \"This game is potion spam. Heals don\'t work\"... This video, I used to prove him wrong. The heal is...

Inspirit Online Early Gameplay

By: Scion Storm posted at Jul 09, 2015 11:52 am

Inspirit Online
Open Beta Gameplay

I know I'm late but hey life happens. I decided to play a little and show some game play. I can 100% say this will be my relax game for now on. It's very throwback in style. Allows you to just zone out quest and have some Diablo like fun. Things like this are important to me. Considering almost every other game is so serious to cover.

It's not like that for Inspirit it's just fun. It can be grindy and some quest are outright silly. But they are spread out so you only notice it over time. The game play is quick and everything is go go go. The problem with that is you won't notice the story. Then again ARPG's have story? Name one that you actually cared about and you have a winner there.

If you like the channel consider subscribing,sharing, and liking :)= http://full.sc/1zeOeU8

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Nanbo said:They had a small update in closed beta. Some tect on \"missing text\" issues fixed and the lag between attacks that it made it feel \"sticky\" is pretty much gone. I am liking my second run through (r...

Nanbo's Inspirit (ELOA) Closed Beta Review

By: Nanbo posted at Jun 29, 2015 3:53 am

Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my Inspirit / ELOA Closed Beta review. Inspirit (known as EOLA in Korea) is a ESTA games title brought to the west in full English an no IP ban (except for Korea). The game launched last week and I have a chance to get into open beta and bring you the goods! IS this game worth your time upon Open Beta? Read on to find out!

Introduction and installation:
I am not sure of all the details surrounding the legal issues the company has had. But it seems that it is / was an IP issue with Korea. Opening up for the west with no IP ban meant Korean clients could skip out of their ESTA home publisher and come to ENT entertainment in the west…and that was a no-no. *shrug*.

The installation was fast, and the servers ran stable. Nothing tricky to do. Just sign up an

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Guest said:This is pretty much another free server scam that is not authorized by original developer/publisher. Who is ESTA Games? They don\'t even have a proper homepage. Also, as far as I know, this game has b...

Inspirit Online Closed Beta First Look

By: RabbitFootTV posted at Jun 28, 2015 9:39 pm

Inspirit Online is an isometric action mmo rpg with anime graphics known as ELOA in Korea. There are three races and four classes available in the game with no gender lock,Knight,Mage,Gunner and Psychic. Each class has three different stances and you switch between them anytime. For every stance there is a different set of abilities and a different weapon,for example the knight class on defender's stance uses sword and shield and has tanking abilities while on destruction stance uses a two handed weapon and has damage dealing abilities. In most of hack 'n slash games classes don't have a specific role but the tank-healer-dps rule applies here.

Each class has a skill tree and you begin to get skill points after level 10 so you can build your character however you like. Another interesting feature is the pet system,pets can be hatched from eggs that you can obtain by killing monsters and each pet gives you a unique bonus. PvP is also there,you can participate in arena style pvp batt

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Mixed feelings about Inspirit Online

By: Kaaatze posted at Jun 15, 2015 6:40 pm
 The Closes Beta of Inspired Online will start in 10 days. In fact there  is only little known about the game so far. What I am excited about is how the pet system (collecting, levelling, mounting) will work, the 3 weapons-class system and how to disguise myself as a monster. 
On the other hand I'm a bit worried when reading the rest of the "features" that simply sound like gap fillers: Unlock skills? Venture through fields? Show you tactical fighting skills? Maybe add "You can create a character" as a feature.

ELOA disguises itself behind a wall of phrases and that is the right way to do it. MMORPG's do have a certain basic structure that everyone takes for granted so you'd say it is not a "special feature" at all. And if you strip a game down to it's special features there is barely a game that can name more than 3. 

I simply hope that ELOA's "disguise in phrases" is just a matter of gaining attention by potential players and not to cover a missing depthContinue Reading
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