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The Name 'Cardmon' = Boring!

By: MapleTire posted at Jan 27, 2011 2:21 am

First, alittle history...

Pokemon came from the term 'Pocket Monstrers'... A nice term of a game for a handheld which you could place in your pocket. It fits well.

Then there Digimon... from the term 'Digital Monsters'... that survives as an MMO because using it on a computer is acceptible and makes good use of the name. It fits well.

Then to the present day... there 'Cardmon'... take a guess where that came from?

This amazes the shit out me! How on earth did the term 'cardmon' get pass the concept stage of making it into an MMO?

I thing is... if the development team named it MMOmon or Netmon, I wouldn't have complained, I would say 'Not bad'.

It's just another one of those names where it just doesn't fit in with what the MMO is based on and puts an effort into pulling someone's leg to download the thing. It isn't worth downloading or signing up when you see the name along with it's trailer. Hence why it's not worth my time.

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Chisane said: neomon no wait thats neopets -.- oops lolz

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