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Age of Wulin (CN) - Amazing Boss Sidekick System

By: Beligerent posted at Jan 09, 2012 6:58 pm

This is from MMO Culture, and I found it really interesting.


Amongst the many unique features and systems found in Age of Wulin, the boss sidekick system for normal players is perhaps the first of its kind I have seen in recent years. What is this about? Well, other than the random miracle quests which opens up to random players, sometimes an instant boss mob will ask players for help as well. The decision which players make will affect the overall world storyline for every players in the same server.

If the player decides to help, he or she will spawn beside the boss mob as one of its minions. Note that boss mobs here are mostly humans, as there is little fantasy elements in Age of Wulin. The number of players a boss calls upon will depend on the instant dungeon's settings.

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Age of Wulin - Servers Explained

By: Beligerent posted at Jan 08, 2012 8:04 pm

This is just to clear up the confusion some people may have with the three different English servers for Age of Wulin, the martial arts game that so many people are looking forward to in 2012.

1. Age of Wulin, which will be published by gPotato in Europe. This was the first English server to be announced and so is quite popular. There are also two new servers to come to the Europe version so IP block may be in the future.

2. Age of Wushu, which was just announced only a couple a days of ago and is going to be published in the NA by Snail Games USA (subsidiary of Snail Game Suzhou, which also in turn happens to be the developer of the game). Snail Games USA has been relatively hidden in the shadows, before this game so it will be interesting to see how this company handles us p

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AresPL said:My thought are that its sad to read almost identical article that I read on other portal made by cinderboy even with same title...

Get Your Nerd On With Age of Wushu Wallpapers!

By: Beligerent posted at Jan 06, 2012 3:30 pm


Want to proclaim your love to Age of Wushu so everyone who see's your computer will know how cool you are? Gather here fellow gamers! And don't listen to the snickers or the occasional, "nerd" whispered by your friends and family members when looking upon your computer, decked out in these beautiful wallpapers... They are obviously jealous of your great taste in awesome wallpapers!

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Age of Wushu - Renamed for NA Server

By: Beligerent posted at Jan 05, 2012 9:45 pm

As you can probably guess Age of Wushu is actually Age of Wulin. Snail Games decided to rename it in what can basically be called a re-branding act in what I guess can only be described as trying to recieve more recognition. Any press is good press, isn't it?

I personally liked Age of Wulin as name better, but I guess Snail Games USA wants to be an individual from the other versions around the world. Either way I can't wait to play it.

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Zanpakutou said:people in the US might recognize Wushu more due to many more of the kung fu movies involving it.

Age of Wulin videos show life skills, combat

By: Lion NY posted at Oct 11, 2011 2:01 am

More Age of Wulin beta news is on tap courtesy of MMO Culture, and more video footage is available as well. The free-to-play fantasy sandbox just opened its initial closed beta phase to the Chinese market, and as a result we're getting a first look at some of the game's unique features and skills.

While most MMOs focus completely on combat, Age of Wulin features some very intriguing non-combat aspects, many of which are found in the life skills tree. In addition to traditional gathering and crafting disciplines, there are also sewing, musician, artist, chess, fortune teller, and beggar skills, just to name a few.

Combat isn't forgotten, course, and you can view a basic combat tutorial video and some life skill clips after the break.

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