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How to solve lag and high ping in online games

By: rebbecaswan posted at Dec 08, 2015 4:15 am

I was having the problem of lag and high ping when I play online games like Dota 2 and CS:GO. These 2 games are my favorite one and I have spent many hours in them. The only problem which haunt me for so many time was this lag and high ping. CS:GO lag have troubled me most. Most of the time I get these strange spikes which makes my ping shoot from 70 to 1000ms for like 4 to 5 seconds. I get killed many times just because of this spike and it left me with extreme rage. If you too have experienced it then you would know what I am talking about.

I searched the internet and researched a lot  and find out some solutions to this problem. First of all you have to make some basic checks in order to make your game play better. Just follow these steps every time you play online.

  • If you have anything on download at that time make it stop, not pause but stop because these background downloads use bandwidth and it will make your game lag.
  • If you are playing on a wireless connection, turn t
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DotA 2 - 2015 Compendium Updates, New Set of Immortals II

By: KradisZ posted at May 29, 2015 5:01 am

Hey guys so since the last compendium update to this one, there have a been quite a number of additions to the International Compendium 2015.

Previously I mentioned challenges, but challenges now have included a 4th section - Hero Challenges.

Do certain things with heroes in games in alloted time frames or alloted conditions with certain item effects. Pretty simple, but pretty hard when you roll a hero you don't play often. But don't worry you can discard it and re-roll a different hero with different conditions. All challenges award the same amount of Compendium Coin so the easier the better, sometimes you get hard things like Kill Roshan under 12 minutes vs. Kill Roshan under 20 minutes(EZ), or harder things like Destroy enemy Barracks before game timer reaches 30:00(REALLY HARD unles

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Nanbo said:Can you just invte your friends and hold a private match and farm each other to victory? \"Hey don\'t attack, we will take your barracks down under 30 min, then you can take ours\" sort of deal? That ...

DotA 2 - Massive v6.84 Update & Compendium 2015 Highlights

By: KradisZ posted at May 02, 2015 2:13 am

Hey guys, so recently DotA 2 had a massive game change... well not really game change... okay when you put everything together it is a massive game changer.

Update 6.84 brings a plethora of new things to the table and changing up the entire gameplay with new items, new abilities, adjusted abilities, new mechanics, new aesthetics and of course... new meta.

Coupled with the Compendium DotA 2 has had a lot of content injected into it over the past few weeks. Compendium is for The Internationals 2015 this time around and offers even more than before. Yes it's aesthetics; those clamoring saying it's stupid well, go tell off the other 2 million players+ willing to pay for it(myself included even though I'm preoccupied with other projects). The Prize pool itself is already at a stagger

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Anonymous said:Good article. Would like to see dota acknowledge me more as a potential professional player. I keep getting matched up with noob players who just can\'t compete with me. If anyone has any advice it w...

DotA 2 - Mortred's Arcana & Oracle Foreseer's Contract, Effigy Carving

By: KradisZ posted at Nov 21, 2014 6:13 am

Hey everyone,

For those of you familiar with DotA2 you've already foreseen this update. For those who aren't quite in tuned, here's what's up!

While the Oracle the new support Hero is out for DotA 2, this article will focus mainly upon Phantom Assassin's Arcana and the Foreseer's Contract Event.

Mortred, or the Phantom Assassin got her Arcana today, The Manifold Paradox. LOOKS PRETTY SLICK. Except her legs look a bit like twizzlers and there's a bit of too much glow here n there but whatever I still blew my $30 on it just to bring this to you and because I wanted it :D.

Arcana in the DotA2 universe is widely recognized as Legendary Skins for those of you familiar with a different MOBA game. Arcana completely revamps the char's effects and visual skillsets in every way. All

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CacoDemon_Monstah said:bought it already.............................

DotA2 - The Internationals 4 - Secret Shop Items and Event Journey

By: KradisZ posted at Aug 04, 2014 2:38 am

Hey everyone so I got back from The Internationals 4 (TI4) about 2 weeks ago and been meaning to share this experience. I haven't even finished unpacking yet due to how much stuff I bought and been figuring out how to place this story to you.

We all know Newbee took the game home from Vici Gaming for those who tuned in but I gotta say the whole event was pretty intense from beginning to start all the way to the end with the things happening around.

The 4 days I was there was packed with stuff to do and check out in the vicinity at Seattle's key arena. There was also A Bite of Seattle happening right next to the arena which was a food festival that was held that weekend so not only was there The Internationals happening at the arena but massive food stands and trucks everywhe

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Guest said:as a player that never spend a dime yet for this game i\'m thankful to you for supporting this game and made me and others able to enjoy this game fully as f2p player.

DotA 2 - The Newest Compendium of Activites and Rewards, Holy moley

By: KradisZ posted at May 10, 2014 7:31 am

Hey everyone, hope all is going well.

Today I want to share about DotA 2's newest Compendium for The Internationals championship tournament.

Because of the amount of stuff there is in this Compendium I felt compelled to write something and share it with you even if you are or aren't a DotA 2 player.

This compendium this time around is filled with even more things than the last. The amount of rewards you receive just for obtaining one($9.99) is insane. If you like in-game cosmetics there are plenty to be acquired with this one.

I'll actually be going to The Internationals myself this time around and completely geek out at the tournaments in Seattle.

Why I think this compendium is worth the $9.99 is the plethora of things you get out of it if you're a frequent DotA 2 player. As in you

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Guest said:hi, is compendium tradable in dota 2?

Dota 2: documentary "Free to Play"

By: Katling21 posted at Apr 03, 2014 12:02 pm

First of all I want to say that I dislike MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Too many people curse at you, you curse at too many people, the matches take way too long mostly and it just is annoying. I played Smite and LoL. I quit both after 1 day. Smite I quit because I noticed you have to pay a little too much and LoL was just annoying the sh*t out of me.

But I decided to try Dota 2. 

This blog was actually meant to be a review of Dota 2 but while browsing the internet I stumbled across something else that I wanted to share about htis game.

Dota 2 was released on July 9, 2013 and is a free to play MOBA from Valve Corporation. The game has a wide variety of heroes to play with but it can only be lauched through Steam.

Dota 2 is a quite active MOBA. Last month it reached

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Dota 2 Necrolyte Guide: Rotund'jere, the Pope of Pestilence

By: Aquaman47 posted at Oct 09, 2013 7:43 pm

Dota 2 Necrolyte Guide: The Pope of Pestilence




Rotund'jere, the Necrolyte.


Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Basics

3. Skills  

4. Pros/Cons

5. Item Justification

6. Hero Synergy



1. Introduction

Necrolyte is a Pusher, Carry and Tank. He is one of the best Intelligence heroes which scales well into late game. His abilities damage enemies over time and in a big radius, so he thrives off of living long and being right in the middle of action during combat. His ultimate, Reaper's Scythe, devastates a single target, finishing them off and securing the bounty for himself. This hero is for those who don't mind a weak early game and want to fight their enemies head on.



2. Basics

First off, it needs to be noted that Necrolyte is not a support.

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Guest said:this game sucks all those champion are ugly like hell, only the women are young wtf

The Bane of Heroes, Razor Guide

By: ZephyAlurus posted at Sep 06, 2013 2:37 am

Razor is a semi-carry that is built for durability and as well as an anti-carry role. As Razor you want to stay in the fight as long as possible to drain the opposing team’s damage and use it against them. Razor cannot hard carry so he works best when the team already has a hard carry. If not then you want to end the game around 40 minutes.


Plasma Field

Plasma Field is Razor’s nuke and makes a circle around Razor and expands and goes back. The targets take more damage the farther the Plasma Field is from Razor. This makes it great for attacking people who you are chasing and as well as pulling multiple packs of neutrals. The damage is amazing for early game and still pretty great for mid game, but in late game Plasma Field’s power starts to die down. It’s also great for getting visi

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Aquaman47 said:Looks pretty solid. Nice guide!

Genesis Gaming & MMO Site present UAE Amatuer DotA2 Tournament! Follow the stream to watch!

By: DoubleIcaras posted at Apr 27, 2013 5:18 am

DotA 2 UAE Tournament - Double Elimination
All Games will be Played in Singapore Server
Amount of Teams: 16
Sign-up Phase: April 1 - April 14* (*:Ends when 16 Teams Have Registered)
Tournament Phase: TBA
Finals: TBA
 500 MMO Gold
 250 MMO Gold
Stream Blue || Stream Black
Brackets: http://binarybeast.com/xDOTA21304147 Genesis Gaming are proud to announce our first DOTA 2 tournament for UAE, directed by "TrollZ" we're happy to support the e-sports community and allow amateurs at the game to get in a tournament and compete with two streams with English casters and compete for prizes. We've always adored E-Sports and we're happy to get together and support any Amateur team to DOTA 2 willing to play on Asian servers a chance to duke it out for some cooContinue Reading
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