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New Onverse Hub Experience

By: Onverse posted at Sep 08, 2010 10:22 am

The Onverse Hub has had some major changes that you need to check out. The entire western slope down to Bluewater Bay has been redone to make this area more interactive and more visually stunning. Below details some of the highlights:

Pleasant Park

Pleasant Park now sits on the northern side of the road and has a much larger space to explore. There is a new gazebo for the chess tables, a playground with interactive swings, seesaws, and merry-go-rounds, and a Firework Observation Deck to relax and have a picnic while watching the fireworks.

Mist Lounge

Aquatix Lounge is now Mist Lounge, a more appropriate name now with the new waterfalls and rising mist around the club. The dance floor now extends out over the cliff for a beautiful view of Thunder Falls.

Learning Center Tunnel

There is a new tunn

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