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Simulasi Perhitungan Premi Asuransi Mobil

By: jasmineazwa posted at Dec 04, 2016 9:56 am

Mobil Pajero Sport adalah suatu produk mobil milik salah satu merek mobil terkemuka asal Jepang: Mitsubishi. Mobil jenis ini sendiri merupakan mobil yang cukup memiliki banyak penggemar (atau pengguna) di Indonesia. Hal ini dikarenakan spesifikasi dan modelnya yang bagus, dan harganya pun sesuai dengan kualitasnya.

Berbeda dengan mobil pribadi pada umumnya, mobil Pajero Sport milik Mitsubishi ini memiliki model yang sangat “Sporty” dan luas. Mobil ini cocok dimiliki bagi mereka yang terdiri dari keluarga besar (muat untuk banyak orang) atau bagi mereka yang memang suka melakukan perjalanan bersama-sama dengan mengendarai mobil. Dengan melihatnya sekilas pun, mobil ini sudah terlihat tangguh dan kuat melakukan perjalanan jauh. Namun, mau bagaimana pun kondisi mobil, yang namanya resiko tetaplah tidak bisa terduga. Mobil yang tangguh seperti Pajero Sport pun bisa saja mengalami resiko yang tidak diinginkan seperti kecelakaan atau resiko-resiko lainnya karena yang namanya musibah tidak

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Age of Empires Online... Revisit... Truly Free????

By: Pelagato posted at Sep 15, 2012 8:33 am

Age of Empires Online was released some time ago, the game was bashed like no tomorrow because the cashshop was greedy as hell and the whole idea of a Free 2 Play game was absent... It was a free demo and pay 200 bucks to play the whole game.

Fortunately for us the developers thought that it was better to make the game more accessible by tuning down the cashshop prices and allow players to get the Empire Points by just playing the game. That sounds like a good idea in theory but is Age of Empires Truly Free now???

Well, let me tell you something, its going to be truly free if you play the game like no tomorrow, which means, playing the game a lot!!! If you really like the Age of Empires series and you do enjoy doing the same thing like building up your forces and then destroy your enemies... Then go ahead and invest hundred of hours in Age of Empires Online now, because you are going to be max level in no time and getting the Empire Points is going to be a cake walk...

BUT!!!! If y

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Age Of Empires Online First Impressions/Review!

By: GeorgeWashington posted at Aug 24, 2011 11:56 pm

In the video, Zach shows off what he thinks might be the best MMORTS. Age Of Empires Online, produced by Microsoft Studios and Gas Powered Games, does this online game work with the franchise? 

*Note* I said that the Season Pass is only around 20$. Thats not true, I did some reading and it is 100$. Sorry for the mistake.


Question Of The Video: Do you think Age Of Empires Online is the first real attempt at a MMORTS? If not provide me with a example of another game so I can check it out and possibly do a review on it! Also if this video gets 30 likes on Youtube or on MMOsite.com I will do a extended gameplay!


Make sure to follow me on:

Facebook - www.facebook.com/LUGOEntertainment

Twitter - www.twitter.com/ZachSharpes

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Also make sure t

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adi97lol said:facebook game lol

Age of Empires Online – The franchise is back! But!!!!

By: Pelagato posted at Aug 16, 2011 10:10 pm


The Age of Empires franchise is back, however it’s very hard to tell if this game is going to be a bless or a curse to all the millions of Age of Empires fans out there, I know a lot of people out there crying for a new AoE game, unfortunately I am not sure if this game is going make all this people happy, remember that Age of Empires is an old school game and the people who like the old ways are very itchy when it comes to the details about what made something old the way it was.

This game is between the new modern style of gaming and the old school style of the late 90s.

Anyway, I am not trashing Age of Empires Online, I pointing out before anything else that this game is not going to be your standard Age of Empires game, if all you like is to install the game and play a bunch

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