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Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed

By: Scion Storm posted at Mar 16, 2017 8:32 am

This game is different and that is good for me. The Android games all start to blur together and be the same. The action and slo mo cam made this game stand out.

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A Time For Peace: A Wedding in Dynasty Warriors Online

By: LordYanLiang posted at Jun 24, 2011 6:06 pm


In the world of Dynasty Warriors Online, men and women fight and die on a daily basis as chaos and strife reign supreme -- far higher than any noble or warlord could ever hope to reign in such turbulent times. But not every corner of China suffers the plague of hatred and bloodshed. There are some places free of conflict, and there are some places were beautiful things still happen.

Places like the Peace Garden, Hua Tao Yuan.

Even the gluttonous pig Dong Zhuo respects Hua Tao Yuan, and would not bring harm to it. For here...

...eh, blah, blah, blah, I got married and recorded it.

Dynasty Warriors Online doesn't feature a marriage or sworn brother system, but lately in-game marriages have been all the craze. How do they happen? Players organize a ceremony amongst themselves, and a

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deniz ocon said:nice

Dynasty Warriors Online Hosts

By: LordYanLiang posted at Apr 30, 2011 5:23 pm

During a week of April Fool's jokes and pranks, Aeria Games dropped a very real announcement, and for players of its popular MMO Dynasty Warriors Onine, it was a good bit of news to be true during a week of pranks.

That news? During the second week of April, players would be able to meet the game's GMs all week in an event Aeria called "Meet the GMs" (fitting, no?). Every day, for about an hour, one of the game's GMs would pop into the Peach Garden for about an hour, where they would answer questions and take comments and generally mingle with the general population while promising to jump into fights on their player accounts to mix it up with the rest of the community. The event turned out to be a successful sort of open house, with the sort of turnout that...

Well, s

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MapleTire said:Aren\'t you lucky... I\'ll meet one of the Aeria Games GMs any day!

Dynasty Warriors Online

By: LordYanLiang posted at Apr 27, 2011 2:27 am


Last month Tecmo Koei and Aeria Games delivered the first major expansion to their popular MMO Dynasty Warriors Online, and this expansion is called "Heavenly Strike". In addition to introducing a number of new weapons, Heavenly Strike wiped the map clean and started fresh with a brand new scenario called "Diao Chan's Plot". The majority of Heavenly Strike was discussed earlier in the month, but the biggest new feature to Dynasty Warriors Online's first expansion has yet to be touched on until now.

That feature, of course, is the new KunLun Mountains mode.

The very centerpiece for Dynasty Warriors Online's Heavenly Strike is the Peach Garden setting and the KunLun Mountains gaunlet, and they make Heavenly Strike worth playing for anyone who enjoys a mul

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dark_flash said:too bad the game became much laggier after the update, but it was a nice update

Dynasty Warriors Online "Heavenly Strike" Impressions

By: LordYanLiang posted at Mar 31, 2011 11:54 pm


A couple weeks ago, publisher Aeria Games presented the first major content update for its new hit Dynasty Warriors Online, called "Heavenly Strike". The content upgrades have already been covered in part here on MMOsite, but to give a quick recap on the new features:

1. Two new weapon types: Zuo Ci's "Cursed Deck" card set and Jiang Wei's "Trident".

2. New ranks from the Japanese version have been carried over. Now players can rise to the rank of Cavalry General after collecting a mind-blowing 75,000 honor (the only confirmed rank that hasn't carried over yet is Grand General, earned at 100,000 honor).

3. Faction coalition, allowing factions to team up in battles to accomplish unified goals.

4. Elephant lieutenants have been added to the game, who

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Aliel Maia said:Lord, I would like to defend our Lord Yuan Shao by your side. My in game name is Aliel.WU!! Hope to see you there!

Dynasty Warrior Online New Content Arrives: Heavenly Strike

By: Aliel Maia posted at Mar 22, 2011 1:35 pm


At March 21st, Aeria Games has released the most recent new content for Dynasty Warriors Online.


This updade is not a simple update like the other that we have seem since the game's closed beta. It's not only give players new thing to do, but also marks a new begging for everybody.


Unrest in Jing Scenario


When the game start, player had to choose a scenario to play. That scenario is the "Unrest in Jing". It's was about the common scenario of the Three Kingom Era: Wei, Wu and Shu fighing each other trying to reunite China. You needed to pick a famous General from these factions and help him/her on the fighting and other stuff. Of course, as a MMO player had the chance to rewrite history, Aeria has made a huge tournament and the winners faction would be decl

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By: Shinjuki posted at Oct 02, 2010 6:46 pm

 Lagalicious... the number one way that the games now a days look like they will play. Putting massive parties with high graphics in an area where every enemy has their own stats... Okay I'm sure when ewe were leaving the 8-bit era people were saying the same thing, but I really can't help but think that our games are getting way ahead of our PCs. I thought this after watching a trailer for Dynasty Warriors Online, I really wanna see how Aeria can pull this off without being too lagalicious... 


Lagalicous- (N)To lag outrageously, To have so much lag that all your friends laugh at your slowness.

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Ludokai said: Thats what I fear too about the game. I know that in the Warriors series, they purposefully lowered the amount of troops on screen, otherwise it would be too much information at the same time for co...

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