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E3 2013: Blade&Sword II first impressions

By: Amanda Orneck posted at Jun 12, 2013 5:47 am

Blade&Sword II is PixelSoft’s sequel to their successful hardcore 3D Action MMO.  Bringing back the best of the Blade&Sword series, Blade&Sword II expands upon the features you loved by providing a rich, immersive combat experience wrapped in exquisite graphics.  I got a chance to see this little beauty during my first day at E3 2013 when I sat down with the developers to take a peek at the game.

Blade&Sword II at its core is an Action MMO, and PixelSoft does use the term lightly.  They went back to the drawing board with their combat animations, hiring the best fighting masters they could find. Using motion capture, they recorded all the fighters’ movements and used this as a basis for animating their fighting animations.  Just looking at the combat you will see incredibly complex abilities, many of them modeled after the actual techniques used by fighting champions.

The game features six classes: The Swordman, Spearman, Fairy, Assassin, Archer, and H

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Guest said:These games always have the best horse animation, next to upcoming black desert.

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