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Review of Legendary Champions.

By: samahir01 posted at Sep 13, 2010 11:10 pm

Legendary champions is an online mmorpg in its closed beta by aeria games. Aeria games  has been busy releasing betas of their new games and this is one of them .i will touch the important features of the game .

1.Client size and problems:

i had quite a lot of problem downloding the game .As aeria games have been using akamai for downloading purposes . So the client that was released on 31 aug was full of bugs and corrupt client . After 6 hours of releasing the first client .Aeria games publicly apologized for the corrupt download and promised to bring another client the following day .


There are six classes in the game .



ArcanistMasters of elemental magic, Arcanists are strong offensive fighters. They form their energy from various materials and crafting for them is

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Jalasas said: Terrible review imo. :(

Legendary Champions - Waiting in the Shadows

By: Card388 posted at Sep 11, 2010 1:04 am

Legendary Champions - Waiting in the Shadows

Aeria Games' newest MMORPG released it's Open Beta Test recently. With Vindictus on a halt i decided to review this game as well to revive my blog. Legendary Champions centers around Wei, Shu, and Wu tribes. Players design how they want their hero to look like, which tribe, and what class. Character customization is fairly simple and includes all the essential features. Gender lock is non-existant, various hairstyles are available and around 30 different hair colours. Classes consists of Mender, Battlemaster, Guardian, Blade Dancer, Archer, and Arcanist.

Character creation screen

Not only are players able to pick all the basic features, but players are accompanied by a champion of that tribe. Champions are incredibly powerful and can be used ev

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Catamount said: Closed Beta, not open Beta. =P

[my thoughts]Legendary Champion cbt

By: DearestDisease posted at Sep 06, 2010 1:27 pm

first of all this game looked very interesting from the video. my expectations were quite different before i played closed beta. overall it is a decent game. during this cbt i have made a lvl 30 blade dancer, 30 mender, and is currently working of a battlemaster. starting out isnt hard. you dont really get to kill anything till like level 6. your first 6 levels are basically spent in town learning from npc. this game is not about grinding out your levels. you will feel stupid if you do so lol. questing is the main source of experience. as for stat points, i feel there is a need to rework on agility and wisdom. those two stat points are basically the hit rate and evasion stats. on my blade dancer a full agi cannot dodge if his life depended on it lol. this is fighting mobs around its level, you will have no problem dodging lower level mobs. hit rate seems kind of buggy. still get a decent amount of misses. champions, this feature in the game is good yet bad at the same time. it is great

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hqDM said: holy fuck, L2paragraph.

Legendary Champions Closed Beta Key Giveaway Event Coming Soon

By: Tornado_C posted at Aug 25, 2010 2:41 am

Long time no see.

There will be a closed beta giveaway event for Legendary Champions. And it will be performed on Sep.1

Here is the information:  forum.mmosite.com/topics/144/201008/25/5526,1.html    


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