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By: gamereasy posted at Oct 24, 2014 7:53 pm
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Archeblade Release - Review and info

By: Tony259 posted at May 04, 2014 8:52 am

So Archeblade finally went out of it's early access stages on steam and went into a full release state in which it gained a big boost of players as it only had a few hundred due to no advertising at all, after it went up onto steam again it gained up to a good 2-3 thousand players which was really nice for finding matches and getting in there, now that it's settled down after a week or so the player base seems to have stabilized at around 1-1.5k players which is pretty good for an indie title and with it being an indie the game is fairly solid.

The game has 12 developers behind it and are slowly releasing characters and content when they can with the funding they get, they have dozens of planned characters that they want to release though they can obviously only do that with fundi

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Guest said:played the game and it was kinda meh

Review on Arche Blade

By: Forgott3nLT posted at Apr 06, 2013 1:37 pm

Yo peeps. Today I'll talk about Arche Blade, it's a F2P third person fighting MMO game where you get to enter exciting battles against other players controlling a character based on the Korean fantasy novel "ArcheBlade". It is currently in Closed Beta stage. You may choose from a total of 13 very different characters at launch, with more to be added regularly. Each character has a unique set of skills and weapons.

I've played this like for 3hrs~ (not at from "one sit down", you crazy people!) and it was really fun for me, I don't really play these kind of games, it's a game like "I need to kill someone and I want to do it NAO!!", I like to have games like these, because I really want to kill some people... In game of course xD, or real zombies >_>. This game is PvP orientContinue Reading
Guest said:\"Yo peeps. Today I\'ll talk about Arche Age,...\" WTF man, i thought it will contain info about Arch Age not some dumb Arche Blade...

CODEBRUSH GAMES Starts Kickstarter for ArcheBlade Online Launch

By: Dododoro posted at Nov 23, 2012 8:14 am

CodeBrush Games has started a kickstarter on a pledge of $100,000

for their new action multiplayer online game, ArcheBlade.

The game is set for the F2P model due to the company consisting of only 12

people on the game's development.

The game itself uses the Unreal Engine 3 and CodeBrush games also

has plans for the game to be published on the steam platform.

I wish them the best of luck for their first game,

You can help them out by pledging them a bit of money.

"Archeblade is a third-person view fighting game that users fight along with multiple players in real time. Users control one of several characters, each with a strong personality based on the fantasy novel ‘Archeblade’. It is aimed at players of classic fighting games such as Street fighter, Tekken, or Soulcalibur as well

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By: bran500 posted at Aug 06, 2011 9:54 am


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