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Nanbo's X.A.O.C Online Review Levels 15 - 20

By: Nanbo posted at Apr 03, 2014 2:10 am
Hello everyone and welcome to the next installment of the X.A.O.C. evolving review. Those not familiar with this kind of review: I take a game, try to get as far as end game as possible (or burn out) and change the score each tier level. Last time I did a review of levels 1 - 15 experience and gave X.A.O.C. online a 3/5. The new player experience was very standard fare. So standard I did not understand a single word of Japanese but was able to navigate through the entire game without problem by guessing what all the standard buttons, gifts, and menu's do.

I have matured a bit. Level 20 now and some more map explored. So that leaves the question, will this game get a better score? become worse? or stay the same? Read on to find out!

Here are my notes in chronological order:

Voice acting cut

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Guest said:Did you use low res or does this game have low polygon rate. Things look edgy like PSP and bit colorless ( I don\'t mean usual eye blinding glowing effect).

XAOC Japan 4/1/2014 update

By: Nanbo posted at Apr 01, 2014 1:37 am

■ new products appeared in XAOC mall! 

Bags of new limited time sale, to XAOC mall " jokes CUBE " has appeared!

CUBE jokes , "the avatar costume to enjoy the joke a little bit different 
" Ninja interesting one is to come by lot from among the variety of items, including the "series four.

(Image "avatar costume interesting Ninja is an example of a "series)

joke CUBE "for more information <here>

 ■ SALE start of spring!

To put the patronage of everyday, I will execute the sale of some XAOC item mall! ! 
Because we are able to purchase in the price range that easy to have you demand it, please use all means at this opportunity!

■ for sale XAOC Mall Item List

■ To increase the

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Nanbo's X.A.O.C Online Review Levels 1-15

By: Nanbo posted at Mar 16, 2014 3:30 am
Hello again my friends, random viewers, followers, and all other creatures! Welcome to my latest evolving review! Last time I checked out Japanese version of Phantasy Star Online 2 and it seems I can not escape Japan! This next review is straight out of Japan from the publisher USERJOY JAPAN. I present you X A O C, the mmorpg. I will give you my impressions here in the first 15 levels and rate the game based on this experience. Later, I will update the score as I progress in the game, with hopes to reach end game and offer a final over all score.

Without further wait, here is the review:

Small intro and installation guide:

This will be the third "make it to end game" mmorpg, or evolving review I do, and this is my limit. I am currently running Phantasy Star and Ever Quest 2, which you can

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Nanbo said:As a side note. I saw NO OTHER players in game my level...just some player shops...Not sure if the Japanese play this often. MAkes me wonder if the Chinese version is more active

XAOC Online Taiwan Version information

By: DrKonji posted at Jul 21, 2013 12:49 am

So as some MMOsiters know the game that was in its development phase XAOC is actually out in Taiwan as we speak. I went there after reading the article on how to create an account to play on here: http://feature.mmosite.com/xaoc/feature.shtml. So after following the steps there I actually was able to login and try it out myself and here are some basic's I think well know from the site mixed with my own person observations while playing.

XAOC servers information:

Pvp servers:5
Pve servers:4

There are factions in the game two factions your typical good vs evil faction like in some other MMO's. The two factions according to the global website are The empire which is pretty much the good side and then there's the rebellions side which is the opposing side.

Of the two factions the character

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kai_k said:is it possible to progress through the game without any knowledge of Chinese language?client size is quite big so i wanna make sure that it\'ll be worth it

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