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Events Announced for October in Hellgate

By: Zevri posted at Oct 03, 2011 4:30 pm

A press release was released today which announces some of the upcoming events this month in Hellgate.  Some thing you can expect this month go from getting exp bonuses for the first few hours you’re on each day to participating in the “Last Guild Standing event” all in all a lot of stuff is happening this month, and you’re sure to be kept busy. (Full list below)

Quoted from the press release: Breaking the CurseThis event is only available to players who have access to the Curse of Dawn mode. Players are tasked with killing Imhotep and Anaksunamun. As long as this is done in Nightmare Mode, players are allowed to finish the event in either solo or group play. Palladium, nano shards, and dark stones await the winners of this event! Last Guild StandingItContinue Reading
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Hellgate: Tokyo Expansion Sept 22nd

By: Zevri posted at Sep 15, 2011 4:44 pm


T3fun’s Hellgate new expansion Tokyo, is planning its launch for September 22nd.  This new expansion will be adding the city of Tokyo, Japan and will bring players a lot of new features as well.

The new Tokyo will continue the storyline of London Resurrection and will bring players 24 new levels to the game, bringing new monsters and bosses into the fray. Not only that, but the game is adding two new modes. The new modes are Cow Room (Did anyone else think Diablo here?) and base defense.

Cow Room, will have heroes test their wits and fighting prowess as they face hordes of zombies. The rooms also do contain he chance of spawning a boss monster that allows players a chance at getting some new items.

Base defense on the other hand, pretty much is what it sounds like. Pla

Continue Reading
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