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The Havoc Energy Rifle In Apex Legends: The Hybrid Of Technology And Fantasy

By: SLX9 posted at Feb 21, 2019 1:05 am

Apex Legends already launched the first major update and it is all about a new weapon. The first announcement of this update was revealed by the game developer Respawn Entertainment on Twitter and the attached video detailed on the firm date of its release: Wednesday, Feb. 20.

Although the video attached in the official Tweet is too brief to showcase more specifics of this new weapon. We still managed to see through what the weapon looks like in action. The gun appeared to be sort of an automatic rifle. The video is a quick presentation of what this new gun looks like, how to function it and what the speciality it has. As far as we know, the gun has a charge shot that probably does extra damage. It's not the common ammo this weapon would use. But we aren't able to confirm whether the char

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