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World Zero to be rendered by Umbra 3

By: ExcEsc posted at Nov 26, 2012 6:16 pm
Umbra Software, the developer of state of the art rendering optimization middleware, announced today that Shanda Interactive has licensed Umbra’s middleware for use in it’s World Zero MMORPG. Shanda Games is one of the biggest and most respected game developers in China and has over 2000 staff dedicated to R&D producing all types of games from MMORPG’s to casual and mobile games.
World Zero represents a new breed of MMO which besides traditional gameplay offers players the chance of creating and building their own virtual worlds and cities, which they can share with other users.  Shanda Games is using Umbra’s technology to improve World Zero’s rendering performance, which due to the ever-changing nature of the games content, presented a complicated technological challenge.

Yi Ying, one of Shanda Games lead engineers on World Zero has worked closely in integrating Umbra 3 into the game’s rendering pipeline.

“The biggest scenes in World Zero are built with a huge number of aContinue Reading
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