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By: hedi001 posted at Nov 04, 2010 10:33 pm

 This DVD version of Oz, Season, which has cast biographies and deleted scenes, proves once again that is driving the HBO drama, and often there is not much better than anything you will see a local theater. Oz is a short name for the Oswald's maximum security prison, which is a part of the Emerald City, Tim McManus (Terry Kinney) companies, which often have little or no success, to rehabilitate prisoners, not just a home them. We're certainly not here in Kansas, although there is no Yellow Brick Road is. The film is graphic, brutal and intense. There are rape, drug trafficking, racial tension, murder and suicide and the offense of care, but there is also a decent life Catholic priest from Asia and a nun, a social worker (Rita Moreno), and more Tim McManus who are trying so hard to do the right thing. While some of the action is predictable - we believe that is how life really is in a maximum security prison - the plot moves quickly, since the episodes are short. The story is fr

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